Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life After Vacation

Hey all,

Our guest blogger today had to reschedule, which was cool since I wanted to have a bit of a chat with you. Denyse will be back another time to tell you all about herself.

I'm exhausted. Both physically and emotionally. While we had a wonderful time overseas, being gone for sooooo long is tiring on a person. We've learned that if we do get another job in a different country, we'll make sure we have a place to call our own. Any other way is difficult to deal with after a while.

So, did I have a good time?

You betcha! LOL The time in Singapore was some of the best in my life. We did so much, learned so much and experienced more than I can begin to tell you. Being able to live in a new country for an extended period of time really gave us a chance to experience the culture and go to places a short vacation wouldn't have allowed for.

And the best part was that Jonathon and I have grown so much closer than we ever were before. It gave us a glimpse of what it will be when we are on our own and I have to say, as much as I love my kids, having that one on one time (no joke intended--well, maybe a little one-- *giggle*) was wonderful. Just him and me against the world. I loved it.

And the actual vacation afterwards? Let's just say it was a trip I won't ever forget. I'll be blogging about parts of it and you'll see for yourself! I have some stories for you. Let's just say I won't be going back to China any time soon.

But life doesn't stand still, does it? We've moved back from Southeast Asia but we aren't staying here in Orlando for long. Since Jonathon is now done with Universal, I finally get my wish and we are moving. Not sure where to yet. Jonathon has to decide what job to take. But we are looking at Tennessee, North Carolina, and one up in New England area.

I don't really care...I just want to be out of the city. Please God. Out of the city. Lightning bugs and pine trees. Snowball fights and crackling fires. That's the life I've been missing.

So, anyway, I came home, unpacked--still doing that--and now I'm going to have to pack up my house for the move. That and finish several writing projects I've had to put off because of being overseas.

Just another day in Paradise.

As you can see I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks. I'm hoping Jon knows where he is going quickly so I know what to plan for. Honestly, I can't wait to start packing up. The sooner I'm packed the quicker I'm headed to the mountains.


I'll be back on Friday with the first blog about our month long vacation. I'll even toss in a contest for all my fans to get things going again. Thanks to everyone for reading while I was gone. I hope you'll enjoy the new blogs!!!

Hugs to all,
CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


s7anna said...

Ooh ooh I want to know what happened in China...SPILL ALL!!! *grin*

I had a blast travelling vicariously through all your awesome pic posts. Can't wait to see some more from the last leg of your travels.


Phylis said...

Good luck with the moving choice! Mountains would be my choice too! Eagerly awaiting the tale of China!

SiNn said...

i agree i wanna know about china lol and i get the missing the snow and snowballs and such me and my fiance r planning on moving to Colorado new change for me butbakc to his home town for him which is all awesome welcome home!

Unknown said...

Hey CJ! glad your back! I can't wait to hear about China.

Try to breath a bit before you start packing up the house. LOL


Mary said...

Tennessee !!! Please let it be TN.
Glad you are home all safe and sound

D. Musgrave said...

The surprises just keep coming.
I'm dying to read about the vacation and hoping your move is to a place where you can find new bliss.

CJ England said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. I can't wait to tell you everything!