Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Quick Announcement

Hey all,

I'm sorry it's been awhile.  I've been unable to go online due to what was going on over here in Asia, but I'll be back on Monday with a short blog and some news, so make sure you check it out!


 CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Mannouchka said...

Dear Cjm
Iam happy you back and hope you will be back Monday.
I wish you a wonderful week-end with your dear husband and I waiting for the free reading

Ray said...

Maybe you didn't notice that I haven't been commenting for a while.


CJ England said...

Hey Mannouchka,

I'm glad to be back too. Some things will be a little different, but I'm very pleased with where I'm heading.


CJ England said...

Hey Ray,

I did, but wasn't sure if you were busy, not interested in that specific blog or what. And with being gone for over a month, I wasn't able to do any investigating.

Hope you'll stick around for what's coming next. I look forward to your stories.