Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Signage Fun and Laughter..PLUS

Hey all,

I haven't done this for a while, so I thought I'd give us all a chuckle.  Enjoy the signs I've discovered over the last few months!!!

This one I just found in Hamburg.  I cracked up when I saw this window of clothes mannequins.  The words mean reduced, and I guess that's correct since they've reduced the amount of clothes they're wearing!  LOL

And you gotta love Asian signs.  This one made me giggle like a crazy person.  I'm not even going to talk about what this sounds like. 

How about this sign?  Hanging off the side of a museum, it advertizes the temporary exhibit.  But it's an sure is!!!

This sign I found in one of the undergrounds.  It caught my eye and made me go...WTF?  I guess it's an ad for a movie or show, but what it's about????  I have no idea.

Can you tell why I've added this one?  Put your thoughts in the comments below.  I'll give you the answer in a few days.

Hope you enjoyed them!  I'll do it again once I've gathered a few more!!!

Hugs to all!!!!

CJ England
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Ray said...

I guess the Hung pic is an Asian fast food restaurant. Kunsthall is Art Hall. To look it up you have to separate into two words. Spiel Feld translates to Play Box so it is probably an ad for a video game player.

I assume that is a mannequin at the Eingang (entrance). The eyes would be an excellent place to put a security camera.

CJ England said...

The neon looking guy is actually an art exhibit, but an artist named Bruce Nauman. It's called Marching Man. It's actually a neon sign where the guy gets and loses a hard on. LOL

P. Robinson said...

Those are cool, CJ! Thanks for sharing.

CJ England said...

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed them!

Phylis said...

LOL! All I could think of is Ying and Yang which I know I haven't spelled right. Thanks for sharing CJ. I still remember the store in downtown Bitburg Germany that was advertising mattresses and had a naked reclining woman in the ad on the mattress. They have no problem with the naked body.

CJ England said... should see the TV here. Let's just say the are VERY okay with the human body. LOL

Ray said...

Funny thing is there is less sex crime where nudity is not necessarily considered sexual.

In Spain it is a constitutional right to be naked on the beach. In Ibiza I saw a woman washing her boat's windshield nude in a marina right in town.

I understand that Germany is one of the most liberal countries with nudity.

Unknown said...

I always love your sign finds! Thanks!

CJ England said...

Ray, I firmly believe that sometimes, regarding sex and how we respond to it, we are our own worst enemies. If you act like it's a bad thing, then everything from that point on takes on that same ugliness.

Sex, nudity and anything regarding it is only bad because we've made it that way. While I may never be comfortable going naked (topless maybe, but not naked) on a beach, by God, if someone else wants to, why not????

CJ England said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Connie. I've missed you!

Ray said...

Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and... he is us."

I have yet to meet anyone who after a few hours at a nude beach didn't decide to go with the flow. Naturists are the most non judgmental people I have ever met.

CJ England said...


When you are as open as they are it's easier to do the right thing and NOT judge. *smile*