Friday, February 14, 2014

50 Hot Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

Hey all,

Well, it's that special day!  One of my faves.  I'm always excited to find out what Jonathon has in store for me.  I'm easy to buy for.  I love jewelry, chocolate, clothes, chocolate, books, chocolate and a myriad of other things.  Especially chocolate.  :-)

He's not so easy.  I have to really pull out all the stops to make sure I find something for him that he'll be happy with.  I usually wind up getting all super creative and doing something different to tell my sweet baboo I love him.

Over the years I've searched out and found several fun ideas to make Valentine's Day special, so I thought I'd share my top ten favorites with my readers.  Some sweet...some sorta spicey.  So give them a shot.  And have a good time sharing them with your own sweet baboo (or babooette)!


1.  Watch the Sunrise.  Sure you’ve seen the sunset together, but have you checked out how spectacular a sunrise is in the winter? You’ll have to wake up early and bundle up, but it’s so worth it. Besides, you can always crawl back into bed and cuddle afterward.  (My favorite part.)

2.  Play A Game!  a) Truth or Dare.  Begin with each of you writing out five dares -- anything from trying on a sexy outfit to something naughty like stripping -- on separate pieces of paper. Place them in a bowl. Now take turns asking each other naughty questions such as, "What's the sexiest fantasy you've ever had?" or "What's the most unusual place you've ever wanted to have sex?" If you don't answer, you have to dip into the pot and select a dare.  
b) Play Three-Card Stud. You provide the stud. What’s the game? The loser bares all, and the winner sees all.  
e) Naked Twister.  It's a classic for a reason.  Pull out your naughty inner child and get limber with your honey. 
d) Play Three Things.  Each think of three sexual things you've always wanted to try and write them down on separate pieces of paper. These are folded, marked with your initials to identify them, and mixed up. Then take turns drawing out one of the other's wishes, agreeing in advance to at least give it a try.  You can do it over several days or weeks, but just get 'em done!  
c) Get Frisky. Try Forfeit: One of you has to correctly guess what the other is miming and pay a forfeit if you get it wrong. For example, she may appear to be miming oral sex, but she's actually miming sucking his finger. If he doesn't guess correctly, he has to pay a forfeit -- such as removing an item of clothing or performing a sex act that pleases only her -- forfeiting his own needs.

3.  Trade IOUs.  Create coupon books for each other with favors, whether it’s for a homemade dinner or a foot massage. The offers expire February 14, 2016.

4.  Get Wet.  Take a bubble bath together, or, if you're lucky enough to live near a remote pond or lake (in a warm climate…no hypothermia, please!), go skinny-dipping by moonlight.

5.  Rent a Romantic Movie.  A low-key Valentine’s Day can be every bit as special as an expensive dinner and roses. The rule: Each of you gets to pick a sexy flick and can’t veto the other’s choice.

6.  Be a Cover Model.  Take silly paparazzi portraits of yourselves and make a mock-up tabloid cover using your movie star name.  Or take it up a notch and get naughty.  Become a centerfold model and pose provocatively for your partner.  Let them choose the pose and get extra points!

7.  Build a Fort.  You remember how to do it -- construct it out of couch cushions, blankets, and pillows in your living room. Then, turn that fort into a love cave.  Not easy to do in a hotel room, but you'll have fun trying it in your own home.

8.  Build a Fire.  Take turns reading aloud from a sexy book in front of the blaze. The catch: You can’t touch each other until you’re done reading. May I suggest one of my stories to enjoy?  *grin*  How’s that for getting a fire started?

9.  Play Some Nighttime Paintball.  You’ve got the whole day, but darkness adds an air of intrigue to the game, and the postgame shower is not to be taken alone.

10.  Give Each Other Erotic Massages.  My very favorite of all.  I even wrote a book about it.  Make sure your hands are warm and you have plenty of massage oils on hand. Get naked and take turns giving each other rubdowns. If a happy ending is in order, so be it!  A perfect way to end a Valentine's Day!!!

***Super Bonus Idea***

Spell it Out.  Write a sultry clue on the mirror in the morning when your sweetie is in the shower, like, “Meet me in the kitchen” -- then surprise your Valentine with two mimosas…and you in the buff.   A GREAT way to start this special day.

Hope you enjoyed all those ideas.  Have one to share?  Put it in the comments below!

I'll see you next week when I'll share something about Rio I find terrifying!!!

Hugs to all!

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

I was a bit ornery and I am having flowers delivered to hubby's work. lol Should be interesting the reactions. lol And we are having a Valentine breakfast tomorrow morning at our favorite breakfast place. It's a local restaurant that has excellent coffee and good food. Both of our children are coming home this weekend so it's gonna be a whirlwind again. lol

Ray said...

You've got some great ideas as long as yu don't build the fire in your fort.