Friday, March 21, 2014

Signage Humor - From Street Signs to Store Fronts

Hey all,

How have things been going for you all this week?  Mine has been a busy one, what with a day of museum hopping, visiting the artist's fair, organizing files for taxes, writing, and to end up the week, a fun night out for Saint Patrick's Day.

We always do something special, ever since we found ourselves in Ireland on the big day, sitting in a pub and singing "Whiskey in the Jar" with the locals.  We've tipped our glasses to the Irish in Singapore, Macau, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, and now here in Porto Alegre.  We always have a blast and meet new friends while doing it.  It does make for an interesting night, I promise you.  As you can see in the picture, this time we went all out.  Funny hats and shirts.  Add some Irish whiskey and Murphy's Stout and it's a perfect way to celebrate the day!!!

Speaking of funny, I thought it was time to do a blog about funny signs again.  I haven't done it for awhile, so I've got quite a few collected.  Different from the ones in Europe, some of these are funny, some are head-scratchers and others are just bloody interesting.  So I hope you enjoy this look at funny signage in Brazil.


One of the oddest things I've found here in Brazil is the fact when you use toilet paper (for the obvious reasons) you DON'T toss it into the toilet.  Most places have a waste basket in the stall to toss the used paper into.  It's stinky--especially in the summer--but they still do it.  Sewage problems is my only thought, but to an American????  Yuck!  And since we're not used to it, they have signs in places where foreigners frequent.

Really?  This is what you came up with to name your little kiosk?  This sits in Rio de Janeiro on the famous Copacabana beach.  It's a common little restaurant, but each time I'd see one, I get this picture of a little kids screaming, "I've got to go Potty!!!!!!"

Talk about obvious!  This is a motel AND it's just what you think.  A motel by the hour.  And while we may hide what these types of motels are in other countries, here in Belo Horizonte, they announce it proudly.  They even have drive-in LOVE hotels.  I kid you not.  Drive in, do your business and then drive out.  Who said Brazilians aren't efficient?  :-)

Okay, so this was as sign Jonathon found in Curitiba.  In a men's bathroom.  While in reality it admonishes the guy's to keep the urinal clean, if you're a guy, the word "limpo" staring at you while you're doing your business can have a detrimental effect!  LOL

This sign in Sao Paulo makes you stop dead in your tracks, doesn't it?  Actually, the word means "tired", but to name a store this, just makes me giggle.  Not sure I'd shop there.  I think the smells would totally put me off !

This confusing sign was in one of the hotels we visited in Sao Paulo.  Maybe they got their design from Willie Wonka or Gringotts.  It wasn't a glass elevator, but I really wanted to see if it went to the left as promised.  *sigh*  It didn't.

I'm used to seeing these signs just outside of Amish country.  Places where they'd prefer horse and buggies not go.  They are rare and not often seen.  But here in Porto Alegre and other southern cities of Brazil, they are commonplace.  Horses are used a lot to transport goods in the city.  But they aren't allowed on the freeway.  Go figure!

This one tickled me.  There are taxi signs everywhere, that's not the funny part, but to have a volkswagon as a taxi?  Now THAT isn't so common.  Meep Meep!!!!!

And finally, one of the oldest pubs in Porto Alegre, it was inspired by the bohemian writer, Charles Bukowski and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.  
Me?  I just like the name.  *snicker*


There you have it.  A look at some of the great signs across Brazil.  I have many, many more, but maybe I'll put those up another time!  Of course, by that time I'll be in Argentina and who knows WHAT I'll find there!  LOL

Until next week...


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Probably couldn't expect the porr horses to keep up to speed on the freeway! lol Funny ones CJ. Thanks for sharing them!

Ray said...

Nice Picture of the two of you.

In the hotel I stayed in in Rhodes, Greece TP went into the trash. On ships with vacuum pump toilets it can be clogged by a cigarette filter.

Limpo translated directly as clean. Mictorio (urinal)micturate (urinate derived from Latin).

I think the Farto store would need a new name in the US.

The Dirty Old Man is the Brazilian equivalent of Hemingway's Sloppy Joe's in Key West.