Friday, October 10, 2014

A Pictorial Look At Our Time In Chile

Hey all,

We're on the road as I write this, so I don't have a lot of time.  But I wanted to give you some of the highlights of the fun we had during our time in Santiago, Chile as well as the road trips we took out of the city.

I hope you enjoy this look back as much as I did putting it together!!!  In no specific order, here are some of my favorite pics!!!

The best part of living in Santiago are the views of the Andes Mountains.  If it was a clear day, (and that was usually a 50-50 chance) the mountains stood tall and proud all around us.  One of the best views out of our hotel room window since we've been on tour.

For those of you who, like me, love seeing the beautiful tombs and sculptures at cemeteries.  I can now honestly say I've seen cemeteries in five continents and each one is so very different.  Santiago's General Cemetery is filled with history, beauty and sadness.

No matter where I went in Santiago, there were beautiful buildings, with artwork, sculptures and amazing colors and shapes.  The following pics are just a few of what I saw.

The Artequin Museum.  Once a showcased building in the 1889 Paris Exhibition, it was dismantled and brought back to Chile.  Now it is an interactive museum for both kids and adults to learn about world famous paintings from all over the world.

The Belles Art Museum is just a gorgeous building, both inside and out.

The Contemporary Art Museum.  Another lovely building.

And of course, there are the churches.  This first one is called Basilica de Loudres

This is the inside of the Convento San Francisco.  A lovely little church and fascinating museum.

There is so much more I could show you about Santiago, Chile, but I'm out of space.  So let's take a look at our out of town trips.  First off, a picture of Pucon, Chile.  Volcanic mountains and clear blue lakes.  So very beautiful.

This is the lake in Park Nacional Huerquehue.  Home of the Monkey Puzzle Tree!!!

Our next outing was our dive trip to Pichidangui.  Cool little town with some lovely coastline and "friendly critters".

Our last weekend out was to Valparaiso and Pomaire.  Two great towns with very different flavors.

This first set of pics were taken in Valparaiso.  The famous skyline is so colorful.
The elevators and funiculars are both fun and scary.  We rode several of these special "ascensors" as we wandered the town.

Valparaiso is famous for it's street art.  I could do a blog on it all by itself.  But these were two of my favorites.  Amazing work.

And on the way home from Valparaiso, we stopped in the tiny town of Pomaire.  Known for it's special pottery, it is a fun little place with lots of small stores, restaurants and vendors.  We had a blast.

The pottery...

Pomaire is also known for it's GIANT empanadas.  Delicious, but be careful!!!  They don't take the bones out of the chicken before they bake it.

There is so much more about Chile I wish I could share, but I just don't have the time.  I'm already a day late getting this out.  I just hope you enjoy sharing my adventures.  Chile is now one of my favorite countries, and I'd love to come back.

Now as you read this, we're on another road trip.  This time we're in Peru, heading south from Lima.  We're off to see the famous Nazca lines, take a taste of Pisco, chase down some Vicunas, dip our toes in Lake Titicaca and wander the historical town of Arequipa.  

I adore traveling!!!!
Until next week...

CJ England

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Ray said...

Fantastic pics. I am using the Valparaiso view of the hills as wallpaper today.

Phylis said...

Oh cool the Nazca lines! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. The cemetery pictures are fantastic.