Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Shameless Self Promotion

Hey all,

It's Tuesday, so that means another bit of shameless self promotion with one of the books I enjoyed writing so very much.  Someday I'd like to write a sequel or two as well.  I get more fan letters about this book than any other.  If you haven't checked out this one, I encourage you to do so.  Ready?  Here's a bit about it!

The Faerie Mist Has Opened and the Prophecy Has Begun…
A world where elves battle ogres, and rock trolls hide precious talismans in their caverns. A place where a healer’s touch can mend more than a broken body. Where magick and love come together to create something very special…
Varol Thysi
A force of passion…the power of Soulmate Love

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Here are some reviews for this great fantasy romance

EYES OF FIRE is the most sensational book I have read this year. CJ England comes out swinging and definitely leaving my heart aching for the next in this series. Talia and Calion will leave you breathless. ~~~Recommended Read from Dark Angel Reviews

With the striking images in her stories, CJ England is able to craft novels which speak to the heart. Mere words cannot express the magnitude of THE MYLARI CHRONICLES: EYES OF FIRE in terms of rousing creativity.~~~5 Stars from Ecataromance

Just reading this first one about Prince Calion and Lady Talia had me so enthralled to it that I forgot to make dinner. CJ England is a genius in creating magical places and characters so memorable it’s hard to just forget about them.

~~~Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews

You will be so eager to know what will happen next that you can't stop reading. Maybe the publisher should print a warning on the cover. "Caution: Read only if you are willing and able to read non-stop until the end." So please be aware that you will not be able to stop till you finish reading this book!
~~~5 cupids each for pleasure and plot from Cupid's Library Reviews

For all the great reviews, go to http://cjengland.com/mylari/eyesoffire.htm

To Read an Excerpt, go to http://cjengland.com/mylari/eyesoffireexcerpt.htm

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Phylis said...

Loved this book and always hoped there would be more!!!