Friday, September 11, 2015

The Starting Point of Each Success is Desire

Hey all,

I did it! WooHoo!  

Remember how I mentioned a few months back that I was trying to get rid of those extra pounds I'd put on while traveling overseas? Trying all that delicious new food had the scale slowly inching upwards.  (Curse that the Hungarian Fry Bread? BUT YUM!!!)

Well, just last Friday, I finally hit my goal.  I have now lost thirty pounds!  I look good and more importantly, I feel great!

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

~~~Jim Rohn

That may be true, but I it was a long journey.  Gaining all that weight was such a slow process, and honestly, it just crept up on me. Then, one day I was walking on the beach in Rio with Jonathon and my daughter, who was wandering behind us snapped a picture of us from behind.  Well, all I could say was...


(Disclaimer: If you've got a few extra pounds and you like how you are, then PLEASE, don't assume this blog is a poke at you.  As long as you're healthy and happy, go for it!  THIS ONE IS ALL ABOUT ME!!!)

Anyway, one look at the picture and I was appalled at myself. I gazed at that image with me in my two-piece suit and all those rolls of fat and couldn't believe it.  When had this happened???

So, I made myself a promise. When we got back to the states and I had access to some familiar food and a swimming pool, I would work hard at getting the weight off.

And starting in Columbus, I kept that promise.  I counted calories, ate right, exercised faithfully and slowly but surely, the weight came off.  I set mini goals, had special treats now and then so I wouldn't feel too deprived and while I'll never say it was fun or easy, I can tell you each time I lost another pound towards my goal, the satisfaction was enormous.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

~~~Winston Churchill

Wow, is that quote true. I pushed through the dieting as we lived in Columbus, Virginia Beach and now, here in Austin.  And when I stepped on the scale last Friday and saw I had surpassed my goal, I actually screamed in delight.

It's so satisfying to know I succeeded in my goal and I'm back at a good healthy weight. And the best part is I've trained myself how to eat properly, so when I do go back overseas in January, I'll be able to continue on this healthy path. And looky what my sweet baboo got me as a congratulations gift! Not one but two beautiful reminders of my success!

So now, no matter how many conger eels, guinea pigs or South American fry breads I might try, I'll know how to pace myself and stay at the weight I want.  I'll eat healthy, exercise and when next time I look at myself in a picture, I'll smile.

And lock away my gun!

Until next time!


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

I never thought you were overweight from pictures over time, but the very last on you posted showed a definite reduction in weight. It was a nice picture, but somehow different.

I wish I could get down to what I weighed when I was working out, running and long distance bike riding. I don't eat anymore than I did then, but it didn't matter then.

Congratulations on meeting your goal.

Got to go get Millie. She is getting out of the rehab hospital today. She has improved somewhat, but still can't walk without help. We used up all the days Medicare allows for at least a few months.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Ray! You're a doll.

I hope Millie is feeling better, even if she isn't 100% yet. Will keep her in my prayers.

Phylis said...

Congratulations! I have been walking and working on the Total Gym. My biggest improvements have been going up stairs a lot easier and tightening of my legs and arms and belly area. For some reason I don't see any weight coming off but I am revamping my food intake and we shall see what happens. My goal is to loose some of the belly and be more mobile so I'm getting there!

CJ England said...

Thank you, Phylis. It was difficult, but so worth it. I've got a site that was a godsend to me. Helps you SEE what you're eating. You'd be surprised at how many little things can sneak in when you're not looking.
And the exercise is what made it for me. I was religious with what I did. Every day. And it totally paid off.