Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's the Day before Friday...

Hey all,
It's the day before Friday and all through CJs house it's...
It's so nice.  Everyone but the critters is out of here for awhile.  I'm taking a well deserved break now that I'm a little (not completely) caught up.  I'm going to do some work here, then I'm going to go sit in the sunshine--what little there is--and read for a bit.  I need to.  If I don't wire down a little I may explode.  Especially since Jessaca has decided that we are doing Christmas decorating tomorrow.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I wanted to share this pic I found.  It made me laugh like a loon.  Not sure why it hit me so funny, but it did. 
 I've got the first entries to my contest to put up today.  A memory and a tradition.  So without further we go...
From my good friend, Phylis...
First a memory... 

I have some really nice memories from past Christmases but I will do this one.  I was 10 or 12 at the time and when we woke up we weren't alowed to go past the end of the hallway until our parents woke up.  So we would try to peek and see as much as we could without putting our toes over the invisible line.  Then our parents finaly got up.  I'm sure it took forever.  LOL  We opened our presents and it was the usual mayhem.  We had one left addressed to all three of us.  We opened it and there was a note that said go the dining room.  Then there was one to the kitchen and then the last one said to go to the garage.  We opened the door to the garage and inside were three brand new bikes all ready to go!  That created a really great memory for us.   Thanks for the memory jog CJ!   Phylis

Now a fun tradition... 

In GERMANY, children decorate their Christmas Lists with pictures and then leave them on the windowsill overnight, weighed down with a little sugar so they won't be missed by Father Christmas.
There is a flower in Germany called the Christmas Rose which blooms even in the snow and ice.
Frohes Weihnachtsfest
I like the German because that is my heritage but I also like the Christmas Rose that blooms even in the snow and ice.  What a rememberance of spring and rebirth and what Jesus did for us.

In IRELAND, children often put out Christmas sacks instead of stockings.
It is tradition to leave mince pies and a bottle of Guinness out as a snack for Santa.
Sacks would hold more than stockings.  lol  Guinness instead of milk.  *grin*  Santa may have a tough time negotiating chimneys after he's been to a few houses.  LOL  Phylis
 Thanks Phylis for the great entries.  Good luck with the contest!  And to all my blog readers, more of the same will be coming your way tomorrow.


Phylis said...

Cool CJ! lol Can't wait to see the others. Phylis

Julie said...

That's a cool memory! ;-0