Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thurday's Christmas Memories and Traditions

Hey everyone! 

I've got several new entries to share today.  These are some great memories and some traditions I really would love to do myself.  Enjoy!

From Robyn we have this fun holiday tradition...
This takes place in Spain and I find it intriquing that they swing to the music.  The weather must be nice with no snow and not cold I would suppose.  I've never heard of this tradition.
On Christmas Day, there’s the usual holiday merriment with family and friends – with one peculiar twist: swinging. Swings are erected throughout the districts, and people enjoy swinging to holiday music. The holiday dinner is never served until after the midnight hour, when families gather to enjoy the feast of turkey and truffles - immediately followed by caroling around the tree, which lasts through the night.
And this tradition from Chris...

In Nova Scotia, during the twelve days of Christmas small groups of belsnicklers, or masked mummers, appear in neighborhoods, ringing bells, making noise, seeking candy or other treats. The hosts may try to guess who the mummers are and if they guess right the mummer removes his or her disguise and stops making rude noises and actions. Children may be quizzed by the mummers on their behavior if they say they have been good they are rewarded with candy.
I think this is just fun.  I am sure that the mummers work very hard each year to come up with the perfect costume.

And now for a few memories...
 From Janet H. we have this beautiful remembrance...
My most cherished Christmas memory.  It sometimes makes me sigh.  It always makes me laugh and cry.

My grandmother always gave the same gift to my mom, my sister, and me.  There was only one difference between them.  Mom's was white, my sister's was blue, and mine was pink.  It didn't matter if it was a robe, a shirt, or slippers.  She gave each of us the same color every year.

My grandmother became ill and passed away.  She died in August that year, but had already finished her Christmas shopping.  Our gifts were all boxed and wrapped and waiting for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, my mom passed out those gifts.  Grandma had given the three of us sweaters, but she had mixed up the boxes.  I had a white sweater, my mom had a blue one, and my sister had a pink one.  We cried and laughed and passed them around until we each had our traditional color.

And this one from my good friend, Julie...

We were stationed in Norfolk,VA at the time I think I was about 1 and my brother was 4. Dad was at sea, and was gonna be gone for Christmas. So it was just me, Joe & Mom. There really wasn't any money that year, Mom found an ad in the paper for toys. You send the money, and it wasn't much, tell them how old your kid is and they send you a box of toys for that child. Mom did that for us, but my stuff never came. Dec. 24 came and we didn't even have a tree or anything. We went for a drive to look at the pretty lights, we passed a tree lot. For some reason we stopped there but we couldn't afford any of their trees. 
Joe (chatty little devil that he was), told the man the whole big story. "My daddy is out at sea, we don't have any money for a tree or presents and Santa won't leave any if there's no tree to put them under." He really worked it, the man gave us a very nice tree for free. We took it home and set it up the next morning there were presents. Joe was so excited with all the stuff that he got, he still has some of it packed away in the basement. There wasn't much for me, but I didn't mind watching him, seeing how excited he was by everything made a wonderful day! I don't even remember what I got except there's a picture of me holding up a record. Yes, boys & girls an honest to God record album! I'm so old. LOL

I hope you enjoyed these great traditions and heartfelt memories.  I've got a bunch more, so check back with me soon to see what else people have offered!
Hugs and have a great Thursday!!!

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