Friday, August 13, 2010

It's That Time Again

Hey everyone,

It's finally time. Jonathon and I are out of here, heading to our new home in Macau. We will arrive early next week, Macau time after 36 hours travel time. We will be staying in a hotel at first while we find an apartment and once we have internet again, I will drop you all another note.

Hopefully, I'll be up and going on a normal schedule the first week of September. Boy! Has this been a crazy year!

If you are interested in where we are moving to, here are a few pics of the island and a link to where Jonathon will be working. He will be the Assistant Manager of Special Effects for the Cirque du Soleil like show, The House of Dancing Water in the City of Dreams Casino Resort. We will be living and working on the island of Taipa (pronounced tie-pah) but it's pretty much all the same.

Enjoy this quick peek at my new home and you all take care! Send us your prayers and good thoughts and I love you all!!!

For those who haven't a clue where Macau is! Look at Asia and find Hong Kong and go from there! LOL

The harbor and Macau skyline. Absolutely beautiful.

One of Macau's landmarks. The Macau tower.

The Ruins of St. Paul. Much of Macau has been designated as a World Heritage Site.

Looking down from one of the mountains on the island. At least we have some forest and trees!

An artist's rendering of City of Dreams, the resort where Jonathon will be working. Our friend Wade, who is already there, says it is GIANORMOUS!!!!

Here is another picture. A little different perspective. LOL One of the casinos on property.

And last but not least, a pic and then a video link to the show Jonathon will be working on. The House of Dancing Water. I'm so excited for him!!!!

Hope you enjoyed it! I'll be in touch as soon as possible. Blessings to everyone!!!

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams

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Phylis said...

Awesome CJ!
So do you get to watch the show? Safe trip and good luck settling in. Will look forward to your next update. Phylis