Monday, January 17, 2011

Dance Like No One Is Looking

Hey all,

Just last Friday my latest book came out. So I figured today would be a good day for some shameless promotion. I don't do much of that here on this blog, so I hope you enjoy learning a little about this new story. Here's a quick blurb.

A chance meeting between two people leads to an evening of dance, love and memories to last a lifetime.

When Heather meets the dark, handsome Dustin at the Wildhorse Saloon, she has no idea the single dance he asks of her will lead to the most important moment of her life. But although the connection between them is immediate and powerful, she belongs to another, and all she can take home with her is the memory of a love that can never be.

Dustin St. James lives, breathes and loves music in Nashville. As one of the most sought after studio musicians around, he has his pick of gigs and of the ladies. Yet he's knocked off his feet when the purple-eyed Heather dances her way into his life. Having to let her go leaves a hole in his life and in his heart.

But Fate has plans for these two and when six years later they meet again, the emotions they share have only grown stronger. Can they struggle through the tangles of the years apart, or will their long awaited dance of love end before it's had a chance to begin?

This story has been perking around in my brain for over seven years. In fact, I was writing Waiting in the Wings when I first visited the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville. And, as I sat there watching the dancers and munching on the delicious fried pickles, I realized this was a perfect place to set a book.

There was such a great response to the first of the Second Chances series, I decided to do a trilogy. And I remembered how much fun I'd had at the Wildhorse. And I remembered meeting a certain hunky dancer who had taught me all I wanted to know about doing the two-step. I put both of them together, added a lady in distress, stirred briskly, and Life's A Dance came to be.

And, since this series targets specific social issues, I chose domestic abuse to highlight in this story. For more on that, check out the blog I did at Midnight Seductions. It shares all about the issues I think are so important I'd put them in a book.

I hope you all will enjoy this last of the trilogy. At least I think it's the last. There is a new generation toddling around in Nashville. And little J.J., Cláirse, and Treasure definitely are character's themselves. Who knows what might happen in a few years?

Until then, take a look at Life's A Dance.  Read an excerpt at and then go pick up at copy at Aspen Mountain Press.

I'll see you on Wednesday with a blog explaining the joy and sorrow I feel at finishing a story.

Hugs to all,

CJ England

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Phylis said...

I really need to get an e-reader. I so want to read this series as well as your others. Some of my daughter's friends come from disfunctional homes in one way or another. All of those issues are important. They touch is all in some form or another.

CJ England said...

The kindle is really inexpensive right now and it's good--if basic. Jon is looking at that one right now.