Sunday, September 30, 2012

Favorites And Funnies

Hey all,

A quick blog today.  I'm off to get packed for our weekend in the Black Forest of Germany.  So much last minute stuff has come up, I just couldn't get to the blog in time.  So I'm putting up a few of my favorite funnies to fill in.


Until Wednesday!


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

LOL! Those are funny! Enjoy your trip to the Black Forrest. Looking forward to pictures!

Ray said...

I can just imagine opening the door to find an alligator thinking you were chasing away a solicitor selling magazines.

CJ England said...

Glad you liked them, Phylis. Sometimes it's just enough to laugh!

CJ England said...

I found that pic, Ray and laughed like a loon. When we were living in Florida, our house was on a lake. Our neighbor had a open patio and woke one day to find a three foot alligator sunning itself on the steps. Her scream woke the neighborhood. LOL