Sunday, November 11, 2012

CJ's Vaction Blog Contest - 3rd Sunday's Pics

Hey all,

This historical one is another of my faves.  I about fell over laughing, but that wouldn't have been ladylike.  LOL


Now, here we go with your next picture to work on.  This one has too many possibilities to count!  *grin*

Remember you can do up to three captions/quotes per picture.  So get that brain a working!!!!  Need to see the rules again?  Check HERE for that.   Good luck and Have Fun!!!!

Hugs to all,

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

Well, that's done. Now I just have to wait for the royalties to roll in.

Phylis said...

I told you it wasn't going to happen and it's not.

This is my spot and I'm not moving!

Nope. No how. No way. You can't make me.

Jennifer Mathis said...

the paparazzi they never leave me alone

ELF said...

Who says I want to kiss a smelly girl?