Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hiatus Fun: Valentine's Day LOLs

Hey all,

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!  Give your special someone a kiss and a squeeze.  Take them out to dinner!  Give them candy!  Buy a bottle of wine and celebrate.  And end the night the way this romance writer does, by taking a little intimate time with your sweet baboo or babette.

As you know, I'm on hiatus while we move to South America with Cirque du Soleil.  As promised, I'm not disappearing, but adding a few blogs now and again, this time on Thursdays.  I won't be sending out many emails to announce a new blog, so make sure you sign up for the blog updates in the upper left hand corner of the blog.

I am targeting being back on the blog once a week by April 1st, so look then for a new blog about our first couple weeks in Brazil.

But until then, I'll be posting various blogs.  Some new...a few older popular ones, all starting with this fun look at Valentine Day cartoons.  Enjoy!

He must be a lawyer.

The answer to that is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least he's honest...

For you fans out there!  Gotta love them...

Is this one of the Kama Sutra positions?

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Happy Valentine's day CJ! I am going to cook chicken cordon bleu tonight. It's a recipe that we cooked before the kids were born. It takes a little prep work but it is soooo good! As this is our first Valentine's day without the kids and it fell on my day off, I figured that was a good time to do it. Dug out the recipe this morning and when I get groceries for my Mom, I will get the chicken and stuff tonight. Have a safe move and a good hiatus!

Ray said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

I like Chicken Kiev more than Cordon Bleu. I am not much for ham. The Kiev reminds me of Lobster Thermador that I had several times in Hong Kong.