Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hiatus Fun: Never Give Up

Hey all,

Here is a blog I did a couple of years ago.  And since we've been moving around Europe this last year, making my writing career a bit difficult, I thought it apropos.  Enjoy!!!


It's been a difficult year writing wise, but one that has taught me the value of two things.

1. BE PERSISTENT - Don't give up on what you love. So many people just shrug their shoulders and walk away when the going gets tough, but if you want it bad enough, don't toss away your dreams. After 26 years of marriage and 20 plus years of writing, I know that, but sometimes God puts you back in the classroom to make sure you really understand what he's taught you.

And this last year has been just that. We've moved. I worked outside the home for a while. I got sick. I've struggled with publishers not living up to their promises and with finding the time to write. Learning to put my priorities in order has been a constant challenge. But through it all I have persevered. I remember what I feel when a fan writes and says how much they like my writing or how it's changed something in their lives. By doing that I can take a deep breath and push forward with what I love to do.

2. BE FLEXIBLE I am the first to admit that I don't do well with plan changes. I may be a Gemini, but I like a plan and I like to follow it through. But life doesn't go according to plan. EVER. It is fluid and changes at the drop of a hat. I used to kick against the traces when that happened, but over the years I've slowly learned just what a waste of energy that is. Going with the flow with things you can't change makes it easier not just to live your life, but it gives you the power to stand firm on the things you CAN change. Fight the fights you can win and don't sweat the small stuff.

The challenge is recognizing which is which.

So, after being back in the classroom this last year, I think I've passed the tests. I am moving forward, slowly making up lost ground and searching to climb new hills. I let a lot more things roll off my back than I used to. And it's okay.

But one thing I'll never do is give up on what I love. Writing is as necessary to me as breathing and while I might take another path to the goal, it is what I do...what I am. And I want my fans to know that I won't give up giving them all the passionate, heart-felt stories I'm known for.

So take a look at my website. I've updated it and you can see my latest releases and what I have coming up. I'm excited about the future and I hope you'll join me on my latest adventure!

Come visit me at my personal blog and chat with me about life in general. Or enjoy the FREE READS I have available on my livejournal blog.

And don't forget to come enjoy the fun on my chat list. Hunks, jokes, cartoons, stories and loving support is there for everyone.

I hope to see you there and I'll be back next month with another post about CJ's dreams and imaginations!!!!

CJ England
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