Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hiatus Fun: Signage

Hey all,

A quick look at some of the signage I found in the last few months of my Europe trip.  I've also thrown in a window display for fun!  Enjoy!!!

This sign we saw near the highways all over Europe.  A hot hunk angel.  I sure can work with that!!!

Do I actually want to drink this coffee?  I'm thinking the name would put a lot of people off.

I've seen this around a lot too.  Naked mannequins, bound up with tape?  What's up with that?

Meet Captain Penis.  (my name for the sticker that shows up all over Hamburg in the oddest places)  What, why, and how are the questions...

Gotta love the AXE people.  They are even taking it into space now.  Another way to join the mile high club???

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Hmmm...Captain Penis? Wonder what he's up to and who started it. lol Thanks for the pictures CJ! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Ray said...

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken" is a motto I found on the UDSALG web site. Is it a shoe store or a sporting goods store? The ads I found were for shoes.

Bastard has several connotations, one is "unusual." From their facebook page it looks like unusual people hang out at the Bastardo cafe. One man on a motorcycle was wearing a helmet the the logo for Monster Energy Drink.

"The all-new coffee shop Coffee Bastardo is now opened at fisketorvet in Copenhague. Bastardo Coffee sells delicious, organic fairtrade coffee and has, in addition, a good selection of cold beverages"

I like the slow down sign. If you see that at the right place it will make you think of what will happen if you don't. Or as Mad Magazine said when I was still in High School, "When you pass on the right keep your union card in sight.

Great pictures. Thanks CJ