Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Do You Like In Art?

Hey all,

As you know, one of the things I enjoy doing most on our tour is to visit museums and see different art.  Especially art that is done by local artists.  I do love the masters and get so jazzed when I see a painting done by one of my favorites.

I've seen Joan Miro's work in Sao Paulo and Rembrandt's in Brasilia.  But what I am really enjoying is finding Brazilian artists and the different art that just screams..."I'm all about Brazil!!!!"

When I look for traditional Brazilian art, I look for the tropical scenes, cityscapes done with geometrical designs, or sculptures, usually in wood.  I know what I like and I'm drawn to those types of work.

So, when we went to the National Museum here in Brasilia, I was expecting to see that sort of thing.  There were a couple pieces I really liked, but instead of traditional Brazilian art, there was only a modern art exhibition.  So, I shook off my old expectations and decided to try to enjoy what I saw instead.

There were all kinds of pics, some I liked, some I could only scratch my head over.  I thought I'd share some of what I saw and see what you all think!

This first one I really liked.  Very much what I consider Brazilian art.  The colors, the style...just everything about it.  I'd probably hang it on my wall.

And this one I truly scratched my head over.  Why exactly does this artist think condoms are something to use in art?  Or is it just my naughty brain that sees something that isn't really there.

This one I liked, though I'm not really sure why.  Sometimes that happens.  I see something that just touches me, even when I can't explain why that is.

And lastly, I thought I'd share this picture.  I really, really liked it, but what I found most interesting was what I saw in the picture was totally different than what Jonathon saw when he looked at it.

I guess that's what true art is all about.  People see, feel and enjoy a picture so differently.  The same painting, photograph or sculpture can make different people feel different things.  One may hate it, and gets creepy ugly vibes from the same painting another might go into raptures over.

I think the worse thing that can happen when viewing art would be indifference.  To look at a painting and feel...nothing.  To shrug and move on without feeling or caring one way or the other.  It happens all the time and I find it sad when I just walk by a painting that does nothing for me.  Because I know the artist put his/her heart and soul in the piece.  But it is what it is.  Some touch your heart, others make you laugh or cry and others...they do nothing at all.

So, to end today's blog, I've got a final question for you.  Look at the last painting above.  And in the comments tell me what you see in this art.  Then next week, I'll tell you what Jonathon and I saw in the painting.  We'll see if you are for Team CJ, Team Jonathon, or if you started your very own team!!!  LOL

Until next week...


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

I saw the sun setting with trees and water and maybe mountains.

The one just before reminds me of pictures of space where all the colors swirl together. And maybe the condom one is a jab at thinking with your head and not the other body part. lol

Ray said...

Probably because of the fires in the Western US I saw a wildfire.

I saw that interspersed with the aftermath of a Tsunami.

The picture in the hills reminded me of Brazilian art I have at home of the poorer urban neighborhoods of Rio.

CJ England said...


Good thinking about the condom one. I bet that's exactly what she was trying to get across.

CJ England said...


I can see the wildfires once you mentioned it.

The other pic you mentioned didn't have a title, so I don't know where it was done. But several others done by the same artist -- Inima de Paula-- were done of Rio, so it may very well be like what you have.