Friday, April 25, 2014

Scoop it Up! It's Your Doody!!!!

Hey all,

We're here in Cordoba, Argentina and so far it's been a great place to visit.  Cordoba has a beautiful downtown square where you can sit and listen to music and sip a drink.  Lots of shopping, museums and parks.  We are looking forward to checking them all out.

We spent the first few days here driving around outside the city checking out the smaller villages.  Got some beautiful pictures and already are planning to go back to one area we want to visit again.  We've discovered a park where you can watch the Andean condors soar, and a German town where you can celebrate Oktoberfest all year long.  

I'm researching the area to decide what I want my Argentina book to be about.  So far I can write about Gauchos,  the awesome wildlife or landscapes that are some of the most beautiful in the world.  Or maybe all three.  LOL  Choices, choices...

Anyway, today's blog is about something of a pet peeve.  Now you know that we've lived in many different countries.  And all have their good and bad about them.  But when I was online this morning checking things out, I discovered something that Argentinos here in Cordoba could really learn from.

April 24th through 30th is National SCOOP UP THE POOP month!!!!!!

Like I said...a pet peeve.  People NOT picking up after their dogs.  Some countries are pristine, not a dog doody anywhere.  But other places, not so much and unfortunately, Cordoba is one of them.

When we walked yesterday, it was like going through a bloody minefield.  Some places were worst than others, but the sidewalks were dotted with piles of poop.

We even saw it happening.  People walking their puppies, letting them poop and then walking away as if nothing had happened. *grrrr*.  How hard is it to bend and scoop?  It may be your shoe that gets crapped next time!!!!

I guess I just don't understand.  The downtown area, justice square and parks are really beautiful and well kept, yet just outside of them the streets are filthy.  You can't walk a block without doing the hop and skip over the dog poop.  

And they love their dogs here.  It is easy to see.  There are a lot of them, both domestic and stray.  In fact, the stray dogs are everywhere---dozens and dozens of them and may be the ones responsible for most of the doody around the city.  It actually reminded Jonathon and I of being in Nepal where the cows are sacred and wander around free.  And they had a manure problem as well.  Hmmm.... Are dogs sacred in Argentina?  Is that why there are so many trotting around and leaving "gifts" for the faithful to step in?

I wonder?????

Of course, there is an upside to all the dogs.  If this article I found is true, maybe a few piles of doody is worth it.  Check it out and let me know what you think... STRAY DOG HEROES

Have a great week!

CJ England

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Ray said...

I recall dealing with dog doo doo in a couple of cities in my travels.

The squares and parks you mention have me thinking about Friday evenings in Augusta, Sicily. The main commercial street is so crowded with pedestrians that it might take thirty minutes to drive from one end to the other of fifteen walking. The safest place to walk is down the middle of the cobblestone street. The sidewalks are almost too crowded to make any progress. Unlike being at home in the good old USA it is actually safe to wander around. even if you look vulnerable.

All the squares are full of locals sitting around talking.

I hope you can get a pic of a soaring Condor.

I really went to South America the wrong year. Our show the flag train with each country's Navy wouldn't allow us to go to Argentina because the previous year was the war in what Argentina calls the Malvinas and England calls The Falklands. In fact April 2 is Malvinas Day honoring the veterans of that 1982 war.

CJ England said...

I love the energy in the city squares. I always go there on the first days. Cordoba has a wonderful big city square near the cathedral and it's so much fun to people watch.

And other than the salesmen trying desperately to sell you all manner of things, it's, as you say, quite safe.

Phylis said...
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Phylis said...

There is a lady across the street who walks her dog on the lawn at work. She used to carry a bag but it appears she doesn't anymore. Irks me to no end! Looking forward to the pictures you share of this city!

CJ England said...

I'll have plenty. I'm heading to a craft fair today. Can't wait to see what I find!