Friday, June 27, 2014

Football-- A Matter of Life and Death, Except More Important.

Hey all,

I hope everyone is having a great day.  As I sit here in Buenos Aires, I'm watching Argentina win over Nigeria in the World Cup!  It's so much fun because everywhere around me I can hear people cheering and shouting, cursing and laughing.

And I'm alone in my apartment!  LOL

Seriously, these people take their football (this is what everyone other than the USA calls it) seriously. Really seriously.  On the days when a team is playing, there will be flags in windows and hanging over balconies.  People standing on the corners shouting out their teams name, and if you happen to be in a restaurant, be careful not to root for the wrong team.  

It could be very bad.  

Very, very bad.

Because I mean it when I say these people are totally serious about their football.  Sometimes a little too serious if you know what I mean.  Punch in the face, kiss your ass if necessary serious.  LOL

The other day when Chili and The Netherlands were playing I happened to be in a small pub near one of the plazas downtown.  The Netherlands was winning--handily--and the natives were NOT happy.  Every time the ball went down towards the wrong goal, they screamed and shouted and threatened.  And when Chili got a goal, they almost were dancing in the street.

As an innocent bystander, it was almost like watching a show.  Or a very dramatic soap opera.  And if you're walking down the street you can always tell how a game is going just by hearing the moans, groans, shout and cheers coming out of the different pubs.

That doesn't sound so bad, you may be thinking.  People watch games in pubs all the time, which is why we have sports bars.  And it wouldn't be IF that was the only place they show them.  But it isn't.

Think of the fanciest french restaurant you've ever seen.  Complete with snooty waiters, white tablecloths and crystal wine glasses.  You dress up nice, buy flowers, order expensive wine and plan on spending time with your sweetheart.

Things are going great, you lean closer to steal a kiss and then suddenly...


The place goes nutso around you, your neighbor joggles your table and spills your wine and your ears start ringing.

And there goes your nice pleasant evening.

Yep.  Even fancy expensive restaurants play the games.  They decorate with their team colors, have the games going on every wall and it's organized (and sometimes not so organized) chaos!!!'s fun.  And we've gotten used to it since we first started watching it in Singapore.  I'll never give up my American football, but I have to admit, this sort of football has found a special place in my heart and I don't think I'll ever give it up.

So what's your favorite sport game?  To play?  To watch?  Let us know in the comments below!


CJ England

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Phylis said...

College football...Go Huskers!!!!

CJ England said...

LOL You go, Phylis!

Ray said...

I couldn't say what my favorite is. I had favorite teams in the NFL until I spent so much time outside the US that I lost interest as whole seasons would go by without seeing a single game. The same with baseball. The strikes and teams moving as with the NBA's Seattle Supersonics becoming the Oklahoma City Thunder killed my interest in that sport.

I know little about soccer, but I am learning. I watched six games a day since the World Cup started being broadcast.

I know it isn't likely, but I would like the US to do well strictly to increase interest in the sport here. I know it is growing by leaps and bounds in schools, etc. but we need more interest in support for the professionals.

Soccer is a sport. American football is a battle of gladiators trying to win by injuring opponents. Then the teams and the league that makes the players into meat for the grinder put them out to pasture without feeling responsibility for making them physically unable to enjoy their retirement from the sport.

CJ England said...

When I was growing up, I was a Cowboy's fan, Ray, but since we've become Gypsies, we're lucky if we see the Superbowl!

I agree about promoting Soccer in the USA. American football is brutal at times, but I have to say that watching soccer can be like watching a soap opera. So much drama. We've decided they go to school to learn how to pretend to roll around and be hurt. LOL

Ray said...

Did the biting incident provide as much food for the TV networks in Argentina as they did here? Almost every commentary program after each and every game since the incident it got almost as much coverage as the game.

I tell people I like the Cowboys mainly because the fans in my family like the Redskins. I don't like the Redskins because they are treated like a local team here even though we are three hours away by car and a large number of residents came from other places with other favorites.
Funny thing is my daughter likes all things Redskins even though the lives in a suburb of Dallas.

She likes the Mavericks though as her husband's company has season tickets to one of the sky boxes. I have pictures of her in the sky box when he was the lucky winner of drawing for use of the box. Except you could see the game it looked like part of a 5 Star hotel suite.

CJ England said...

Who bit who? What game? Missed that one. They may have commented, but my Spanish is still hit and miss sometimes.

Ray said...
Here are the BING links to Uruguayan Luis Suarez biting an opponent for the third time in his career.

CJ England said...

That's crazy. I didn't hear about it, but it was probably broadcast. Seriously, what is the guy, three????