Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Available For Christmas - Frosty...The Real Man

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I have a new re-release out and ready for all my readers.  For those who love a romantic, sexy Christmas read, Frosty...The Real Man is perfect.  One of my favorite books I've ever done, I love to read it again and again. And at only $0.99, you just can't beat it!

Here are all the details.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below...

Can an anatomically correct snowman melt the heart of his creator and make her Christmas wish come true?

Amy is tired of being alone.  But she's even more tired of the men she's dated in the past.  She longs to find a man who will be loving and true to her. A real man.
When Givré, one of the many Christmas Spirits, is sent to Amy inside the snowman she created, he's given the assignment to be her date to the Winter Wonderland Ball.  And he is very pleased with his luck.  Amy is his dream woman.  Talented, beautiful, loving and very sexy.
But Amy doesn't believe her handsome Frenchman is a snowman, a spirit, or anything else…other than maybe a little crazy.  And even though she is very attracted to him, she can't bring herself to give into her feelings.

But Givré isn't going to give up so easily.  He's fallen in love with his artist lady and he'll do anything to make her understand it's her love that will melt his frozen heart.

For more information and to read an excerpt about this #1 Bestselling Book, please visit HERE.



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