Friday, December 11, 2015

Here, There Be Dragons!

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It's been a long two weeks.  Illnesses one after another kept me away from my computer, but I'm trying to get back into things, and we'll start today with a brand new release.

Dragons are one of my favorite paranormal heroes.  But the first dragon books I ever read were the wonderful Pern novels by the amazing Anne McCaffrey.  I loved, loved, loved the Dragonriders of Pern series and the story of Lessa and her dragon Ramoth sent me spinning into an alien world I could never imagine.

I devoured each of the books and have each and every one of them in both print and ebook. I've read them again and again, delighting in McCaffrey's world building and imagination.

The only thing I wished for more of was romance.  Even though Lessa and F'lar had a "romance", it was subtle and more of a background story. That was okay, of course. Dragonriders was NOT a romance, but I just wished for more.

Once I discovered sensual romances, I read book after book about sexy alpha dragons. And from Deborah Cooke's warrior dragons, to Shana Abe's Drakon clan of dragons, to Jesse Donovan's secretive dragons searching for their mates, I enjoyed them all.

So, when I started writing, I decided my dragons and their mates WOULD be romantic.  Romantic, hot, loving and focused...on each other. And my first ever dragon story, AVAILABLE TODAY, Snip! Snap! Dragon! certainly fits the bill. This story came about from a challenge from my favorite editor, Pat.  She was sure I could do it, sent me photo after photo for inspiration and encouraged me all along the way.

The first in the Dragon Games series from Changeling Press, this sexy novella takes place in London, England at Christmas time.  Since I spent last Christmas enjoying everything that London had to offer, I'm happy to share the flavor of that wonderful city in this novella.

Here's a little about this book...

With a fiery Snip! Snap!, a passionate modern day dragon lures his forever mate into the flames. 

Weary of the tedium of three centuries of life, Drayce Drakehaven, leader of the London Dragon Clan does something inconceivable.  On a dare from one of his brethren, he crashes a Christmas party. Since dragons won’t settle for anything but the best, he chooses the social event of the season—the Christmas celebration at the home of Eadlin Knight, the richest and most sought after woman in the city.  But he doesn’t expect to look into Eadlin’s beautiful eyes and find his forever mate.

Eadlin is tired. Tired of the daily rounds of socializing. Tired of the men who are more interested in her father’s fortune than her.  She longs to find someone special. The one man who can make her heart beat faster.  Her soulmate. When she finds her ancestor’s diary and discovers her great-great-great grandmother was carried away by a mysterious stranger at a family Christmas party, she wonders if perhaps lightning can strike twice.  Could she meet her special someone, too?

When Drayce and Eadlin’s eyes meet during the holiday festivities, there is an instant snap of connection…of passion.  But Drayce’s arrogance sparks Eadlin’s temper, and she won’t fall easily into her dragon’s arms.  A heated party game may be the only way he can push past her reserves and seduce his lady fair.

Read more about the first Dragon Games story by going to my website HERE

Purchase this great short story novella by going to Changeling Press HERE. On sale now for only $3.39. 

I'll be back next week with some fun Christmas news!!!!


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