Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Now We Can Talk About That Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Pt. 3)

Hey all,

You know it's going to be a horrific move experience when it takes three--count 'em--three blogs to fully share the craziness of what happened.  I know this is a time that our son will NEVER forget.  In fact, he's already threatening to disown us if we ever ask him to do something like this again. LOL

But let's finish this up. You think the third day couldn't get any worse? You'd be WRONG!!!


Day One...  He couldn't even get the BAT (also known as Big Ass Truck) up the hill and into the driveway.  No power for the grade and too bloody big for the driveway.

Day Two... Memorial Day. NO WAY to get another truck, and since the house was stinky and bug infested (did you know there were freakin' funnel webs spiders outside of Australia????), he did the smart thing. He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, with a lot of bug squashing and spraying to boot.

So now we're on Day Three...

We've got the truck rented for 9:30am and the helpers scheduled to arrive at 1pm.  And the day was supposed to go like this...

Get up. Eat. Take his car down to Uhaul, pick up the small truck, take to to Home Depot where the BAT was waiting. Pack a first load of stuff he could move on his own. Take truck up to house and unpack. Drop Uhaul off at loading point at bottom of grade. Call Uber for a pickup.

Get dropped by Uber back at BAT where the helpers were to meet him. Pick up BAT and drive to loading point. Do as many small truck runs as it takes to unload BAT and git 'er done!

Then, one helper drives Uhaul truck back to Uhaul with Jasiah driving BAT FOR THE LAST TIME!!!  Drops off Uhaul, and picks up his car, then drops off BAT. Woot!  Pays off helpers. Go grabs some dinner.  Spend evening relaxing and reflecting on what a great day it was.

Ummm.... Actually, not so much. *sigh*

Everything went great for the morning hours. He got the Uhaul picked up, grabbed a load on his own and unpacked it back at the house. Grabbed the Uber to go back to the BAT to meet the helpers.

And that is where everything went horribly wrong...

Helpers? *Looks around.* Helpers?  I guess he didn't need no stinkin' helpers!

Yup.  Those touted five star helpers we hired? Uhaul recommended people?  No shows.  Nothing. Nada.  And Jasiah was left to do an entire truck on his own.

We FINALLY got a text from them late in the afternoon.  Sorry! Other jobs went long.  So sorry!!!! 

Really?  You've got to be kidding me. Jonathon had spoken to the leader of the group several times and she knew the situation. Knew he was all alone and needing their help.  She'd promised... faithfully that they'd be there. Promised.  And now all we get is a SORRY????

Grrr.  Poor Jasiah.  Could anything else go wrong?

To give them their due, apparently at some time during the afternoon she DID try and call Jasiah, which didn't help because by the time she did, he was at the house where he didn't get signal at the time.  But still.  A promise is a promise.  Do what you say. I HATE service people (and remember I'm married to one) who don't show up when they say they're supposed to.  It's rude and totally unprofessional.

But there is a sliver lining to this story.  A reminder of the fact that no matter what (we believe) God has your back.

Jonathon has a brother who is a high mucky-muck (not sure of his real title) in Yellow Trucking.  And at some point in the last few weeks my sweet baboo had asked him if he had anyone in the area who could help Jasiah.  Nothing really came of it and we actually both forgot it.

Or so we thought.. This is where God made things happen.  We have no idea how or when it was done, but suddenly there were three guys ready and willing, standing in front of the BAT waiting for Jasiah to tell them what to do. They were sent from Jonathon's brother (aka high mucky-muck) because he got a nudge from God that he needed to make something happen.

We went from no scheduled helpers (damn that Uhaul woman) to miracle helpers, sent by God (with a little help from one of his children) to help Jasiah out.  

Angels come in all shapes, sizes and professions!

So, after a few worrisome moments of Where the Hell are all my Helpers????, the rest of the afternoon went pretty well.  The guys Jeff sent brought their own truck, so they were able to help move things even faster. Plus, the house is on a bit of a hill, and the extra person made moving appliances a lot easier!

All and all, I'm kinda glad the first crew blew us off. These new guys were quick and professional, and things got done much earlier than expected. And the best part of it was, Jasiah really enjoyed meeting them. Now he's got some new friends!!! 

It took several long hours to get everything done, but it finally was. We're all moved in, and we owe our son more than we can say. Jasiah can now sit on the porch, have a beer and contemplate his new life. But, every experience marks us, and I'm pretty sure Jasiah won't be forgetting his Memorial Day weekend any time soon.  And one more thing I'm pretty sure of. 

He won't be changing careers and becoming a moving man. No matter how good he is at it!

Until next time...


CJ England

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