Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Signage, the Australian Way

Hey guys,

Since I just did my latest upcoming story blog--see links at bottom for that information--I thought today I'd give you a bit of a giggle.

As you know I'm always on the look out for funny signage, statues and street art. I've been in Australia less than two weeks and I'm already finding lots of fun to share.  Ready???

Some of these I've shared of FB, so if you follow me there, think of it as a reminder treat. *grin*

Okay...not so much a funny sign, but one that made me think.  Who's Larry? Why is he happy? Why will eating pizza make us happy like Larry? Is that why Larry is happy? Because we're eating his pizza and making him money?  If we didn't eat pizza would the sign be changed to...
"Unhappy as Larry"?

And then there are these three pictures. I shared them on FB but they're totally worth another look. Who came up with such an awesome marketing plan? Talk about a creative name!!!

Saw this at the Fishmarket this weekend. I know WHY it was up. It is a predominantly Chinese area who do this a little differently than we do. But to have to put up a sign???  Really???? Cracked me up and made me look VERY closely at the toilet BEFORE I sat down!

In Chinatown pharmacy type place. Kangaroo?  Huh...just huh.

They have these "bird deterrents" all over Darling Harbor. Read it completely. The birds are REALLY aggressive and if they get too close you squirt them.  Has diluted vinegar in it. I did use it once.  LOL  Had to.

And finally... This sign is at the entrance to Hyde Park. It tickled us.  Tree failure. What a polite term for...
"dropping a branch on your head"

That's it for today! Don't forget to check out my latest release, Hide and Go Dragon. Links and information is below! And as always, please let me know what you think!

CJ England


Phylis said...

Tree failure...that's a good one, lol. Thanks for the pictures. The toilet one is a bit scary that it has to be that detailed instruction. I get it though. Going into a public bathroom is rather risky. Seen some strange things.

CJ England said...

I know. LOL Such a polite phrase.

And I know what you mean. My bathroom signs are always the funniest.

Ray said...

Love the signs. I have a water birch in front of the house. If Millie didn't tell me not too I would have it removed. In high winds branches ten feet long and six inches in diameter fall on the roof. If it happened Christmas Eve I would think Santa's sleigh had a rough landing.

CJ England said...

LOL, Ray. Makes you wonder if Santa has a quick response team for this type of thing.