Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Don't Do Politics...I Just Like To Laugh

Hey all,

In the past I've used Tuesdays to talk about my releases, post silly blogs or let you know what I'm writing about. That won't change, but I think we can add to my Tuesday blogging schedule with some other info and news.

Case in point.

I don't do politics online. There is way too many ways for people to get angry, misrepresent your words or just plain act like idiots. (sorta like the politicians themselves)

But I have to admit I've really enjoyed reading through the different FB memes and posts where people mocked, poked fun at or dissed each of the candidates. Some of them were inspired.

Some were just mean and stupid, and anyone with a brain would know better than to listen to them. But others gave actual facts and brought things to light I wasn't aware of.

But the ones that poked fun at the candidates--in ways that were funny and not cruel--those I enjoyed. Because in all honesty...IMHO this election's choices are so bad, if I didn't laugh...I'd cry.

I won't go any further with MY assessment because it isn't worth pissing anyone off. But as you read through your social media and you have a special post or pic that made you chuckle, please post it or a link in the comments below.

Here's a few of mine...

And Finally...

Until next Friday!

CJ England


Phylis said...

That last one... I have noticed everyone claims victory no matter what is presented. It's such a bad year in politics. Thanks for the chuckle CJ.

Ray said...

What I don't like are the commentors who criticize the previous commentors, such as, "(commentors name) how can you say that" or make fun of comnentors. I guess Facebook really is like the Wild West.
I like the last two memes.
Virginia has its governor's and legislators election in odd years so we have non stop electioneering. Sure it gives candidates more visibility, but the extra ballots created by this system costs the taxpayers money.