Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm thankful for MY CREATIVITY

Hey all,
Thanks for the wonderful response to this thread. I love hearing what other's come up with.

Today I'm thankful for my creativity. Like I said yesterday, I think we all have it. People either choose not to use it, or use it differently. Doesn't matter if you're right brained or left. You can be just as creative using numbers and you can using a paint brush.

I've been creative since I was little. I've done just about every type of art there is...from tole painting to oil painting to throwing pots. I've acted and worked in production in places all over this country. I sang my way through American and Europe with a singing group. (great beer and ice cream, BTW)

But through it all, I wrote. I've got stories (really bad ones) going back to my preteen years. Some I shudder to read, but I grin too. The spark of genius was there...just really, really hidden. LOL
I just found the story I built Mylari: The Eyes of Fire (that comes out next May from Samhain) from in a box. It was rough and crude and actually badly written, but the imagination...the essence of creativity was there.

While I am my own worst critic, I do know I can write and write well. It's not the awards, bestsellers, compliments or publishers who make me believe that (though it helps...LOL) It is just an inner knowing. A feeling of satisfaction that comes over me when I write out a chapter and it flows so great. I know in my inner being, that this was GOOD. But good or bad doesn't really matter...it's the doing that is important.

Creativity and all it is is that freedom to express something inside of us that might otherwise never see the light of day. It's why I shout Follow Your Dreams at the top of my lungs, because I believe everyone has that spark inside them. They are just looking for a way to let it shine!
So...today I am thankful for my creative side...that spark that helps me stand and say...yes...this is who and what I am. It's the reason I can follow my imagination and make it real for all of you to enjoy.


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