Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Hey all,

With all that has been happening I almost forgot to announce the winner of the The Truth About CJ contest. I apologize. To read again about the contest go HERE.

But, I did remember and even though it's a couple days late, let me make the announcement. one won. LOL While I did have a one answer that was correct, that person didn't send me an email with her answer as requested, so if I follow the letter of the rules, I can't call her winner.

But, I've decided to tweak my own rules a bit (I can do that you know--I'm the boss of me.) and while I can't give away the book--that wouldn't be fair to everyone else--I will send her a special Singaporean treat when I get back to the states in May. How does that sound?

Let's see if she knows who she is. If so, will the winner please email me and we'll get 'er done!!!

Now, how about the actual truth about CJ? Stand by and learn some more about me!!!

1. I was born in central California. (true...born in Fresno, grew up near Yosemite)
2. I've been bitten by a stingray. (also true...when Jonathon and I went on our cruise, we swam and fed the critters. One as big as a horse decided I wasn't feeding fast enough and let me know. I have a scar on the curve of my hand between my thumb and forefinger to prove it!)
4. I am a little sister of Sigma Chi. (true...I've been serenaded and everything. LOL)
5. I once rode a bull in a rodeo. (true...while it wasn't for a purse--it was done for charity--it was an experience I'll never forget)
6. I've sung at Notre Dame Cathedral. (true...when I was in my 20s I belonged to a singing group that toured Europe. I sang in Notre Dame, Carnegie Hall and even before the pope!)
7. I've been in each of these natural disasters (flood, hurricane, earthquake, forest fire, tornado) (true...flood in Australia, earthquakes in California, forest fires in California, Oregon and Idaho, and tornados in Florida and Wisconsin. Lucky me!!!)
8. I can play the guitar, the flute and the piano. (true...I'm fluent at the guitar and flute, though it's been years since I spent any time at it. Can play the piano enough to work on my other musics. Wish I was as fluent there as the others.)
9. When I was a teenager, I was shot in the head. (this one was chosen as a lie the most. LOL But it's true. When I was rambling in the woods one day when I was about 15, a neighbor shot me. Apparently he thought that movement in the trees was a bird. Bloody hell. I may be small, but I'm bigger than a bird for goodness sake. I was lucky. The bullet glanced off my left temple and hit the tree behind me. I bled like a stuck pig, was madder than hell and that neighbor--did I mention he was also a teenager?--got in loads of trouble. I still have a tiny scar where I was hit, but fortunately, the tree got the worst of it. )
10. My first car was an orange VW beetle. (so true...My dad bought me my first car when I went to college and he had a friend in the VW business. So all his daughters got Bugs for their first car.)

And the lie was...

3. I've flown in a helicopter. (NOPE...haven't done this one yet, but I will. I've always wanted to, but I'm too cheap to pay the going rate for a touristy ride. Someday I'll do it, but it will be over a place I really want to explore from the air. Any suggestions???)

Anyway...there you have it. The truths and the lie about CJ. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me. It was fun!!!

Check back tomorrow for an important announcement regarding this blog. Nothing dramatic, but info you all need to know for the future. Take care and have a great weekend!!!

Hugs to all,
CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Congrats to the winner whoever she is! I think you should go over the volcanoes in Hawaii! That would be awesome! Phylis

Anonymous said...

Hawaii was going to be my suggestion too. I have flown in a helicopter when I was a kid for my birthday from my grannie.

Julie said...

congrats to not me! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOLOL!!! 'Fool me once...' CJ!!!
But as I said in my entry, being shot in the head when a teenager would explain A Lot!!![Tell me, CJ, did you 'dream stories' before you were shot??? ~giggles~]
Sara J. ~ : - ]

CJ England said...


I love that idea. I went to Honolulu, but have always wanted to go back to the Big Island.


CJ England said...


Was it in Hawaii? Or someplace else? How was it either way?


CJ England said...


Maybe next time. LOL

CJ England said...

Sara J,

See me sticking my tongue out at you? LOL

Actually, I was wandering around dreaming when I got shot. Spent a lot of time in the woods making up stories.