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Journeying Into Another World- Sultry Style

Hey all,

It's time for another guest blogger and today I am honored to have fellow Whiskey Creek author, Sultry Summers with me. She and I have a lot in common.  She likes dogs, the mountains and is eclectic in her music tastes.  And she's a sister Gemini as well as the fact we both love writing!  Plus, her family is her first priority.  You go girl!!!!

On her blog, it says this about her... Journeying into another world, the world of writing - that's one of my favorite things. To lose myself in a complex plot with plenty of romance,sex, science fiction and lots of fantasy. Pure escapism! What better way to lose the stress and cares of a rough day than to come home or take a break at work and read a bit from another world, another time, another life - and ZAP - ZIP for a little time you are there not here.

She's got a lot to tell us today about what's going on in her life, so without further ado, please join me in welcoming the amazing, Sultry Summers.


First – I would like to thank CJ England for allowing me to space on her Blog. I have certainly enjoyed her blogs, letting her readers share her global adventures, and I will honestly admit – I wish I could join her. All that fun she is having – WOW! Saving up all her neat experiences to mold into escapades for her characters in her great books, good for her! As for me, Sultry Summers – life hasn’t been dull, but between dull and the last few months, I’ll take dull. 

I’ve moved from my lifelong home in the heat stroke state to the magnificent mountains of North Carolina and no great shock -

DARN - it got cold! 

Yep, this is our first fall in North Carolina and - it actually got cold - go figure?  Then would you believe it - the leaves turned color and - OMG is it beautiful! For a girl accustomed to the heat and high humidity, it’s a real treat - no trick either. Except - I am about to freeze my, ah toes off. Actually, the only thing I truly miss is my hot tub. 

We've had a fire in the fire place(s) several nights and though we've had one in our house of 22 years it is a bit different here. 

Dear Husband filled the house up with smoke and set off all the alarms the other night. I asked him could he get them to play Dixie? That wasn't a popular question. I thought it was funny - he did get "shave and a hair cut" out them. Ha! 

Writing has been very productive here and why not. More time to write and my office windows, both have views that would inspire a rock. I've accomplish work on three works that I've had in progress for a long time and I'm looking at completion on two soon. 

Star TyGer WILL be out in March. The sequel, Revenge Immortal, in April thanks to Midnight Showcase - I'm so excited. Star TyGer is the extended version of the short story in the Midnight Showcase anthology of Jaded Beasts' Tiger/Rabbit, which was out a couple of years back. This one is a novel and has more depth. I think my readers will find it a lot hotter and with more intrigue and adventure. The sequel - the title speaks for itself. REVENGE Immortal. I'll post more on both, on my blog and my yahoo group Paranormal-Escapismwriters a little later. For now, living in this wonderful new environment and having more time to write I hope to be more productive.

Also, I’ve been hosting chats for The Romance Studio as I have for many years and lately, chats have again become more popular so if you are an author in search of a chat – let me know. You can contact me through The Romance Studio.

For now, take a look at my work at my website  or drop by my blog and feel free to become a follower.  And of course my yahoo group.

Took a little time to enjoy the scenery today and a drive through a place call Little Canada enjoying the leaf change – the mountains look like an artist’s palate and this area is very high in elevation with sharp drop-offs and a dam or two. It’s been dry so the water is low but the lakes are the bluest water I think I’ve ever seen, even the Atlantic down south isn’t that deep of a true blue. Once in a great while I’ll go to the sea shore for a few days vacation – in possibly a year or ten when I may want to go for a snorkel on an ocean reef. Until then, I think I’ll be just fine up here in the mountains. 

After all, I wasn’t born in the sunshine state – I was born in the mountains, I just moved home. 

Sultry Summers


I hope you enjoyed a brief glance into Sultry's world.  Make sure you check out her website and blog and pick up one of her books to try.  You'll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, I'll be back on Monday with another blog.  This time it's a surprise!  *grin*  You all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to pick up today's new release, Luck Be a Lady over at Aspen Mountain Press.  See all the deets below!!!

CJ England  

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