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A Very Different Sexy Shapeshifter

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Today, one of my favorite all time stories was published.  And I'm so excited to have it back on the "shelves" so to speak.  Here Comes Peter is filled with humor, romance, holiday spirit and of course all the hot steamy loving I'm known for.  So take a peek and if you've never read this awesome Spring story, pick it up and you'll see why reviewers say the following... 

Hot, hot, hot love scenes will scorch your fur, and the strong feelings and delicious dilemmas they encounter will leave you wanting more.  A Recommended Read.~~~Joyfully Reviewed

I applaud CJ England for creating such a warm and funny tale of two people in love while bringing out the true meaning of Easter: forgiveness and love.  A Recommended Read. ~~~Fallen Angels Reviews

A mesmerizing romance, which is often poignant yet sometimes humorous and always entertaining. Every word of this imaginative love story will delight any time of the year.~~~Ecataromance Sensual

Readers will be amused by the clever ways CJ England uses the bunny theme.  A refreshingly humorous and erotic tale that is sure to keep readers charmed!~~~CK2S Kwips and Kritiques 
Ms. England has definitely hit the mark with Here Comes Peter! The characters are truly unique and refreshingly likable.  ORGASMIC.~~~Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Here is a little bit about his great book...

 Meet Peter Cottontail… the randiest rabbit in Easter Village. When he’s challenged by the Easter Bunny to show his Easter spirit by teaching a human woman the true meaning of the holiday, Peter thinks he’s got it made. Half-human himself, and able to shapeshift at will, he hasn’t met a doe… or woman yet who can resist him. This assignment will be a cinch.
   Enter Bunny O’Hara. With a name like hers, and a dark secret that haunts her, Bunny hates everything to do with Easter. Peter won’t have it as easy as he thinks!
   One look at Bunny has Peter forgetting all about the challenge, and in Peter, 

Bunny sees a chance for the happiness that has eluded her. But secrets and lies have a way of coming out, and Bunny and Peter find themselves having to decide if what they’ve found together is worth fighting for.

 Enjoy this quick taste of an excerpt... 

It was a while later before Bunny noticed Peter needed another beer.  As Chris pulled one, she drew little hearts on her tray.  “I think he likes me.  Not like those other guys.”
“See, sweetie.” Chris nodded his head.  “Not everyone cares about your past.”
Bunny’s head jerked up.  “He knows?”
Shit.”  The blond rubbed his chin.  “He asked about you last night, and before I knew it I told him everything.  I’m sorry.”
Her heart felt like it was bleeding.  Peter was like all the rest. After just one thing.  And if he could get laid doing it, well that was just an added bonus.  Anger swept through her, driving out any lingering passion.  “Give me his beer.”
Taking a deep breath, she strolled back to Peter’s table. 
He met her eyes and smiled.  “I wondered when you’d be back.”
“Do you still want to go home with me?”  Bunny leaned over, noting how his gaze went straight to her cleavage.
Peter suddenly had trouble with his breathing.  Her breasts were so soft and silky looking.  “Uhhh, yeah.”
“And I suppose you want to get to know me a little better,” she murmured, running a finger over his bottom lip. 
“Yeah, baby.”  He clenched his fists to keep from touching her.  He wasn’t sure why she’d changed her tune so fast, but he was more than willing to play the song.
“And afterwards we can talk.  Really go…deep…into what each other is about?”  She slid her bottom onto the table so her thigh was pressed up against his arm.
“Deep…real deep,” he managed.
Nodding her head, she ran her free hand through his short black hair, mussing it even more than it was.  “You’ll probably want to know all about me.  All the intimate details of my past.  The robbery, my arrest?”
Peter blinked, wondering where she was going with this.  But her hands felt so damn good.  “Anything you want, honey.
“So, you’ll take anything I have to give you?” 
She smiled down at him in a way that made him suddenly want to bolt for cover.  “Yeah,” he said cautiously.
“Good.”  Bunny stood abruptly.  “Then let me start with this.” 


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