Friday, June 22, 2012

It's a Miraculous Lighter Side

Hey all,

I ranted earlier this week, so how about today I concentrate of a "feel good moment" for our Lighter Side Friday?
This morning, in my wanderings through the internet, I read this article on Yahoo, and it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  While I'm not a huge fan of Adele's music,  I think she's got a lot of talent, and it looks as if she's got exactly what it takes to wake a sleeping beauty, too!

Apparently this little girl was in a coma after surgery.  The doctors had given her mother little hope of her coming out of it.  Then one day her mom started singing along to the song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.  And, for the first time since her surgery, the little girl smiled.

How awesome is that?  Whether it was the song or the sound of her mama's voice, it really makes no difference.  Music can be miraculous, and in this case, it made all the difference in the world to this family.  The daughter is recovering and will probably never forget the song that awoke her from her slumbers.  And the first two lines of the song are definitely prophetic!

There's a fire starting in my heart.
Reaching a fever pitch, and it's bring me out of the dark.

Curious now?  Here's the video of the song.

Do you have a specific song that makes you think of miracles?  One that will bring you out of the fog of whatever you're doing whenever it comes on the radio?  Share it in the comments below.  And if there is a story behind it you can share, tell us that too!

Hugs and see you on Monday!

CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

I heard about this but didn't realize it was Adele she was singing. I don't have a song associated with a miracle but I have songs that define certain times of my life. For instance. When we moved out here, Philadelphia Freedom was playing on the radio. I can remember laying in the back of the travel-all while on the road. The Man who can't be moved is the song my daughter's flag group used for their routine. Every time I hear that I think of the time we spent together. I love Adele's music. Anyway. Thanks CJ.

Ray said...

I don't have one associated with a miracle either, but Kim Carnes: I'll lBe Here Where The Heart Is always reminds me of Millie' and my week in Rio de Janiero where it played every few hours on the English language radio. The female DJ in her Brazilian accent had the most beautiful voice. I recorded a couple of hours of her show.

Queen is always a pickup as are The Moody Blues and Emerson Lake and Palmer in anything they do. I love the album Brain Salad Surgery.

Ray said...

I am just now listening to the song for the third time in a row.

CJ England said...

Yeah, Phylis. I think music that makes you remember something is important too. I'll always remember the first song I danced with Jonathon with and the one playing at our reception. Those type of memories can be life changing.

CJ England said...

That sounds like a fun memory, Ray. I have something like that in China. Still don't know the name of the song, but I can remember the feelings each time I heard the tune.

Maria said...

I love Adele's music! I also really like the picture of the "Sleeping Beauty@

CJ England said...

It's a great pic. I love fantasy art. Like your profile pic. Awesome!