Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Shameless Promotion

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Today I have a short fun story for you.  Available from Under the Moon Publishing, it is a story I had fleshed out and written in a single day.

The Evil Overlord's Union is an anthology with some of my favorite authors included. A book that will be sure to make you laugh out loud.  I hope you enjoy this quick look at this humorous novella.


Ever wonder what would happen if someone made a list of all the classic blunders those evil overlords in the movies do over and over again?  

Well, someone has and we've written stories about some of the ideas.  Check out Peter's Evil Overlord List, but make sure you're not sipping a drink at the time. It will definitely give you a few chuckles.


You are an evil woman. I started reading the prologue and forgot to do other stuff I had meant to do online. Shame on you for writing such a great story and getting me hooked.~~~Lonie

Amusing, hysterical and a book to keep you laughing.  The Evil Overlord's Union Book #1 is filled with wonderful stories.~~~Linda


Man’s Sneakiest Little Friend

My Lord!  My Lord!”  The panicked servant raced into the room.
Lord Ryu looked up from the delectable feast in front of him.  He sniffed once, making him look remarkably like the baked pig he was eating.  “What is it, Jstor?  You are interrupting my supper.”
We are under attack, my Lord.”  Jstor wrung his hands in worry.  Would the old fool admit the danger here?  Jstor could see it and he was only a lowly servant. Actually, he knew a little about a lot of things.
“Attack?”  Lord Ryu levered his portly frame from the soft plush chair.  “Who is it?  The Skeleton Horde wishing to extend their graveyards?”
“No, my Master. It’s—”
“The Vlads?  Out to take our blood?”
No, sir—”
“Ahhh…” Lord Ryu waddled over to the large cage standing in the dusty corner.  In it, lay the unconscious body of a man.  “It must be the Army of Light, come to rescue their leader, Zoran, from my foul schemes.”
Jstor shuffled his feet wishing the pompous prig would shut up long enough to actually listen.  “Not exactly, my Lord.”
Ryu frowned fiercely.  “Then what, in the seven veils of Orzates are you talking about, Jstor?  Is there an army outside the gates or not?”
The servant gulped audibly.  No army, oh Evil One.  It’s…it’s…critters.


Want more?  Check out my website for information on how to purchase this book.  Only $1.00 for an ebook and $2.50 for a print copy!  Just in time for a quick summer read.  You can't beat that!!!  http://cjengland.com/eviloverlords/buythisbook.htm

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