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The Unmentionables - Sex Toys and Games

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I'm in the process of moving from Virginia Beach to Austin Texas this week, so I'm recycling one of my most popular blogs.  Enjoy!!! 

I'll see you in the Lone Star State!  YeeHaw!!!


Today I thought we could talk about something fun.  Toys and Games. And no, I'm not talking about Legos or Chutes and Ladders.    I'm talking about the OTHER type.  You know...  *looks around cautiously*  Sex Toys!  

It's okay.  You can talk about them.  You can look at them on the internet or in that special toy store that sits just outside the county line.  You can even own and use them.  Contrary to what Sister Mary may have told you in school, even good girls and boys can play with them.

And why not?  If you can dress up sexily to please your partner--a new negligee or tight boxer shorts, why not take it the next step and add a little more spice to your relationship.

So let's talk a little about toys, games and the people who use them.

Most people know about the basic toys available.  Like vibrators, paddles, dildos and handcuffs.  There are as many kinds of those as there are people to use them.  Each is a little different and has it's own pleasure for the user.  You can use them by yourself, but in my humble opinion a toy only fulfills its true potential when used with a partner.  Something I enjoyed writing about in my books Don't Spank the Vamp and Don't Tempt the Phoenix.

Vibrators can be a wonderful experience when shared with a lover.  You can use them on each other to enhance your partners pleasure and add variety to the lovemaking.  If you use your imagination, a vibrator or dildo can do wonders for a stale marriage or perk up a new relationship.  As long as both partners are okay with it (and this is of utmost importance) anything goes.

Other toys like paddles, whips and handcuffs fall into what some consider a hardcore type of play, Bondage.  But used between consenting partners, these toys can be just as much fun as anything else.  Role playing is used quite often with these type of toys, and the added excitement of being tied up and submissive or totally in charge of your partner can make the final climax of the union even more pleasurable. 

And one of my personal favorites are games.  Dice, board games, role playing...all of them can make sex fun.  For some, the idea of laughing during sex is absurd, but giggles and gropings as you follow the directions on the dice you've rolled can show you a new side to your lover--one you won't soon forget.

And the more you play, whether it is a bondage game or the use of a vibrator in the shower, the more comfortable you'll be.  So start out small.  Buy that dildo and give it a try.  Order that Naked Twister game and see what your partner says.  But if you've never played  before, don't give up if the first time out you have trouble or are too embarrassed to finish. 

It's a learning curve.  And in some cases you are battling against years of good 'ol Sister Mary or Deacon Joe whispering in your ear that you'll go to hell if you try those toys.  And while each of us must follow our own conscience as to sex and how we live our lives, I firmly believe that what happens between you and your partner in bed, as long as it's consensual, isn't wrong.

So let me end today's blog with a list of toys that I myself or friends I respect, have used and believe can enhance the love play.  If I could find a link I added that as well.  Ready?  Here we go.  *Sister Mary, I think you should probably look away now*  *grin*

Rabbit Vibrators
Cock Rings
Anal Beads
Feather Duster
Nipple Clamps
Vibrating Tongue Ring
Sex Swings
Strap Ons
Adult DVDs
Remote Control Panties
Massage Oils
Love Die Game
Sexy Board Games
Poker For Lovers
Foreplay Connect
Lickable Body Paints
Naked Twister

So there are a few for you all to look at.  But I know those are just a few and I may even be unaware of some toys and games you all love to use.  So now's the time to let us know what YOU like to play with.  If you're embarrassed, sign in anonymously.  I'll switch it over for this week so you all can post that way.

Tell us the games or toys you use and give us a link to find them.  Or, if you haven't had a chance to try anything out yet, tell us the ones you'd like to try.  Inquiring minds want to know!  LOL

Can't wait to see what you come up with.   Have an awesome weekend!!!

Hugs to all,

CJ England

 Follow Your Dreams

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Ray said...

In Palma de Mallorca there is a sex shop called Beate-Uhse that caters to all tastes. It is down a narrow street that looks more like an alley. A shipmate who was eighty at the time decided to buy a butt plug for his personal use. He said he would handcuff himself in his shipboard bed and use the plug.

He broke it and wanted to take it back to the store. I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. So I went with him. The woman at the counter told him she couldn't take it back. He insisted until she gave him another one for free and allowed him to put the original in the trash can. I never mentioned this little shopping trip to anyone on the ship, but it was fun to repeat it after I got home. He was an unusual character. He showed me some of his magazines that looked like they were from the fifties. The pictures were like a fifties lingerie section of the Sears Catalog.