Friday, August 14, 2015

What's Wrong With This Picture???

Hey all,

I saw a picture on Facebook the other day that really got me thinking.  As some of you may remember, I've been watching my health and weight since we got back to the USA.  Living overseas was tough on the diet--all the fried foods they seemed to cook, plus there were so many new food experiences to try.  The weight just crept up on me until one day I looked at a picture and cringed.

I am now the proud loser of twenty-five pounds, with just five more to go. But while I acknowledge and celebrate that amazing accomplishment, (yep...Hershey's Ice Cream and Pizza one night) that's not what this blog is about.
This Facebook picture I saw bothered me.  It was a pointed, supposedly funny image, but it hit me hard.  Maybe because I've been so careful getting myself healthy again.  But I have to admit, the truth behind it bothered me more than a little.

There was also a post that came through not long after it.  Someone stated that they were tired of reading obesity studies when no one cared that the price of healthy food was so much more expensive than junk food.

And that is so damn true!

Over the last three months I've done extensive shopping for healthy food, and I can state categorically that the food we SHOULD eat to stay strong, active and healthy is MUCH more expensive than the sugar-filled, calorie laden food we SHOULDN'T eat.  (or at least shouldn't eat consistently) 

The above picture is just one of the ridiculous out-of-balance costs for food. I buy salad fixings all the time and I promise you, it does NOT cost five dollars for a salad like they make at a fast food restaurant.  It doesn't even cost half that.  So why the disparity?  Do they want us to buy food that isn't as good for us?

Same goes with a lot of stuff you can get in a grocery store.  Cereal is an excellent example.  Why can you buy a box of Captain Crunch (Jonathon's personal favorite) for half of what you can get a healthy box or package of granola or other better-for-you type cereal?

Honestly, it's no wonder we see obesity in our kids.  And in adults. Again, if you like yourself that way, go for it.  As long as you are healthy and happy that's what counts.  

But for those of us who DO want to be our goal weight and healthy with it, I have just one thing to say to corporate America.

Help a girl out, people.  At the very least give us some healthy, inexpensive choices so we can maintain our health and weight and teach our children to do the same.

How about you all?  What foods do you wish you could buy for your health but can't very often because of the expense?  What sugary or calorie laden foods do you have to monitor in your house?

Give us the deets in the comments below!

I'll be back on Tuesday with the a series of Guest Bloggers for your enjoyment.  First up is USA Today author, Cynthia Sax.  I hope you'll come join her!

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CJ England

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Ray said...

There is something else wrong with this picture other than price. Fresh produce just does not taste as good the way it is grown on commercial farms in this country. The first time I had as salad in the Mediterranean I could not believe how good it was compared to the same veggies at home that I at just because it was good for me. Some salads in restaurants in this country taste no better than a cardboard box.

Maria said...

The picture is very true - but mostly because you are eating at a restaurant trying to sell a specific item - burgers. I do know it's a lot more expensive to eat healthy and healthy cuts of meat are becoming outrageously priced! I think if the government really cared about our health that they would do something about what's going on but they want to complain about how we aren't doing our part so they can claim they are doing something by wasting tax dollars on a bunch of studies we've already paid for numerous times with the same results. Overall - if you can grow some veggies over the summer and use organic seeds so the items taste like they are supposed to are better off.

Willa Edwards said...

Agreed. We need more cost effective options for those that want to be healthy. I agree. I've been there before. And that's why I mostly eat at home.