Friday, March 4, 2016

Before the Tour - Family is Where the Heart Is

Hey all,

As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm back on tour which means I'm back at work.  It's always difficult to leave my family and kids and go back to the traveling life, but Jonathon and I aren't quite ready to give it up yet.

We love what we do and while I miss my babies with all my heart, I know this is where God wants us.  At least for the moment.

I may have news on that front in the near future, but for now, let's talk about what I've been doing over the last few weeks.

If you keep up with me on Facebook, you know that we didn't stay in one place during our six week hiatus from Cirque.  Instead, we took advantage of the time, visiting friends and family we hadn't seen in a while.  And it was a wonderful time.

We headed first to my Mom's house in California by way of the Pacific coast, taking our time and wandering down Hwy 101 to check out properties and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.  We love the Washington, Oregon, California coasts with their gorgeous panoramas and seascapes.  How can you not feel peace when you see such beauty?

Then we stopped for a night in San Francisco.  I love the city's energy.  It's why I set my upcoming Peacekeeper Series in it. We wandered Chinatown, visiting the Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory (I wanted to do some research for the fourth book in the series, Shades of Love).

Then we did the tourist thing down on Fisherman's Wharf.  No matter how many times I visit Fisherman's Wharf, I love, love, love the area.  I can wander the streets for hours. We even went down the next day once we'd picked our daughter up from the airport.  Gotta have my Ghirardelli fix!!!

We then spent the next three weeks at my Mom's house.  I hadn't had a chance to spend a chunk of time with my mama in years, so I loved the time we got to spend with her.  We worked around the house, (Jonathon built a little sun porch for her) visited, went out for high tea, and were surprised by a snow storm on our last day. 

I was even able to visit with an old friend while I was there.  That was a wonderful and special time. Doug and I grew up together, but hadn't seen each other in years.  We reconnected on FB and we've stayed in touch since then.  FB has been a wonderful way to find those old friends you wouldn't normally be able to visit with.

Then it was off to visit Jonathon's family.  We'd been able to touch base with them when the show was playing in Austin, but because of all the car difficulties, we hadn't been able to spend the time we wanted with them.  So, after a quick stop for dinner in Tombstone, Arizona, we made sure we visited for a few days on our way back to Florida.

Then, after a quick trip to Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountains, it was back to Orlando to see my boys and get ready for our move to Uruguay.  I hate the last few days of vacation.  There's never enough time to do what we want to do, and I really wanted to visit longer.  But the time we had was amazing. 

I even had time to cuddle my puppy.  I miss having animals around almost as much as I miss my kids! Add three more dogs and I was in critter heaven!

And then it was off to Montevideo.  We had great weather, smooth travel AND all our bags made it through. Always a huge plus.  We'll be here until early April and then it's off to Buenos Ares, Argentina.  We've been there before, but we really enjoyed it last time, so we're looking forward to going back.

Sometimes a do over is just as fun as going for the first time.

I'll be back on Tuesday with the last of my re-releases from MUSA.  A hot, holiday comedy that will as one reviewer said, "scorch your fur and leave you wanting more!"

Until then...
Hugs to all of you!

CJ England
Follow Your Dreams

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