Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let's Get Down and Dirty...Really

Do you want to?

Hey everyone,

It's Saturday and before I go work on my current WI
P I thought I'd drop by and say hi and talk about a fun spring activity...


Now I know up in some of the US we are still having snow and hail. (sorry about that Northwest) but down here in Florida, ba
by birds are testing their wings, the trees are all abloom and it's time to get things in the ground. So...are you a gardener or not? Do you have an urge to get down and dirty in a big garden, or do you take care of your urges in pots on the back porch?

I saw this cartoon and laughed.

Some people are REALLY into gardening. For them it is more like a mission than a relaxing activity. I've had gardens of all sizes and loved them, but even though I enjoy the fruit of my labors, I honestly like the doing of it better.

I adore the first feel of warm spring dirt on my hands. To smell the earth and watch the garden come to life. There is something fulfilling about it. Something not easy to describe, yet another gardener will immediately nod their head and say, "Yes, I know just what you mean."

Down here in Florida we live in an association and I'm not allowed to have a real garden. So I've learned a lot about container gardening. I've got flower beds of all colors, pineapple, avocado, and as of tomorrow I'll be putting all my herbs and short season lettuce and spinach in.

It will feel good to get in the dirt again. I wonder if I should do a book about a gardener. I usually choose the creative sort as heroines and a gardener is VERY creative. Just think of the designs and beauty they can give, not to mention the tasty treats for the table.

But for all of you who are still battling the cold of winter, don't give up! Spring is coming. I've seen it, smelled it and felt it. Soon everyone can be getting down and dirty and enjoying themselves.

Oh, by the way...I've got a great article in my latest newsletter about container gardening if anyone is interested. Check it out at...

It will be sent to you asap.

Hugs and have a great weekend. And don't forget to go out and get a little dirty. Come know you want to!


Anonymous said...

You got me :)

Down and dirty indeed. LOL

mamasand2 said...

Hey CJ, both your link on the Samhaincafe and the one on the newsletter are failing to work. There are 2 spaces in them. I've posted a correction on the Cafe, but you might want to fix the newsletter.


Desirée Lee said...

After living in an apartment for so long, I am looking forward to getting a house soon! I hope that the owner will let me put in a little garden. If not, I might go with the container gardening route like you have.

Carpe Noctem,

CJ England said...

*You got me :)*

Ha! Wondered who might think I had a dirty mind! LOL

CJ England said...

Thanks for the help Sandie!!!

CJ England said...


If you wind up going that route, there are dozens of sites I can give you to look at. Let me know what happens.

But even in an apartment you can do a single pot with lettuce, tomatos and cukes in it. It's called a salad pot and it is a lot of fun.

Amanda Burns said...

Hah! thot so - when I saw "down and dirty" in your blog title I just KNEW you were a fellow gardener! I'm so glad you've figured out the container gardening thing to make up for not being able to plant outside.

Me? It's a tad soon in North Iowa, snow is just barely gone, but my first daffodil is just about to open as soon as it sees some sunshine.


Anonymous said...

True but with the high price of food and gas you can't belame them for wanting to do garden I would if I had some help and able to keep the wild life out of it. I do try to do tomatoes every year. So good luck to those who garden and may it bring forth a lot of fruit for you.

CJ England said...

*Smile* I love daffys, Amanda. I wish it wasn't so hot, so quick here. I miss my smiling flowers.

CJ England said...


When I lived in Oregon I had a garden that stretched out over an acre and a half.

I really miss it. I loved canning and eating my stuff all year long.