Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Top Five Favorite Time Wasters

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

I was going to do a blog about how women like to be talked to in bed, but I decided to put that off until next Tuesday since I'd just done one about sex last Tuesday. Maybe I'll make Tuesday my "Tempting Tuesdays" and talk about all the naughty things that come to mind.


Anyway... the other day I was sent a website that kept me in stitches for hours. It was the best time waster I'd visited in a long time. There are a lot of places like that, and I decided it would be fun to share with you my five favorites. Ready? Here goes...

5. Kama Sutra Animated

I found this site when I was doing some research for a book. It fascinated me for the simple reason that while I've read several editions of the Kama Sutra, unless you watch a video, it's hard to know exactly how to make certain positions work...if you know what I mean. With the animated pictures, it gives you a pretty good idea on how all the parts are supposed to fit together.

Then there were the descriptions. Done in the flowery verbiage of the ancient world, it is a delightfully humorous read. Check this out...

Ardent young men, do not neglect the preliminaries! Endeavor to satisfy your mistress. Listen to her desires. Some men, carried away by the power of their desire, forget the prelude, only to be surprised when they are pushed away later! Yet it is such a delight to kiss, to caress, to nibble one another... To explore with your hand or your mouth her body, her breasts, her neck, her belly, down to her innermost curves. Fulfilled, the beloved shall return these kisses and caresses wholeheartedly. No part of the beloved's body should be neglected. Her lover shall make it his duty to discover them, to reveal to his mistress all the pleasure she can receive from them.

Good advice no matter the age! I only hope all men might "get it".

Then finally there are the names of the positions. The Cobra, the Black Bee, the Inversion...all different and well explained styles for those who are adventurous. As I said, it's one of my favorite sites and I think not only will you enjoy it, you actually might learn something

4. YouTube admit it. How many of you have wasted time on this very popular v
ideo site. As an author I check out all the new trailers, author interviews and such, but I really love to cruise new and strange videos, from the Moonlighting one sent by my good friend Pat, to the sexy skating cowboys that make me giggle.

I've seen singers that knock your socks off to various and sundry comedy acts that will have you rolling on the floor in laughter.

I've seen ordinary people do extraordinary things, and ridiculous people
make themselves look even more silly by doing antics they'd never dare let their friends see in person. But put it in a video and suddenly everything is all right.

But through it all we watch them and enjoy each and every bit of it. Youtube can be found at

3. MySpace

Need I really say more? I've had my MySpace page for several years now. It's one of those love-hate relationships.

I can't seem to do without the thing, yet all it's foibles drive me crazy.

But there is something addicting about scrolling through the different sites and seeing all the ways people can tout themselves. From professionals to porn stars, singers, writers and stay at home moms, MySpace isn't just for kids anymore. It's a lively community with a lot going on and it can suck away your time faster than a plastic surgeon does liposuction!

Finding friends, reading bulletins, making comments. It can and will take up a good portion of your day if you let it. Want to be my brand new MySpace friend? Check my page out at

Want to have your own MySpace page? Sign up at

2. Blogs
I didn't even know some of these existed until the end of last year. I mean, I read blogs sometimes, but it wasn't until the whole Cassie Edwards plagiarism scandal hit the news that I found out about several of what have been called "mean girl" blogs.

Now, let me say straight off that I have been reading these so called "mean girl" blogs for several months now, and although sometimes things can get a little nasty, the value far outreaches the meanness of anything that is said. I have received interesting and important industry news along with publisher warnings, sometimes painful yet humorous takes on the publishing industry and then some great reviews, fun tips, and just overall silliness.

I have spent literally hours reading threads of dramas that no soap opera fan would ever believe was true, and I've learned new words and their specific sock puppet, flying monkeys, batshit crazy and my favorite...fucktard.

As entertainment, these blogs are a lot of fun and certainly excellent time wasters, but they do provide a service that I am grateful for. I have learned a lot and had fun doing it, and that makes these blogs a daily stop on my agenda. Check them out...

Karen Knows Best...
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books...
Dear Author...
EREC Blog (Emily Veinglory)...
Mrs. Giggles...

There are a few more, but those five will get you started. Enjoy! Or I might have to send out my "flying monkeys" to make you do so! LOL


This site is my number one favorite site of all time. I love these cats and for those who like other animals, they toss in dogs, geese, hamsters and even a rhinoceros and panda.

The captions are wonderful. Some are just cute, others make you think heavy thoughts, but some are hysterical and you'll be wiping away tears of laughter.

I cursed the day I found this site because I now spend wayyyyy too much time there. But these pics are like potato chips. You can't look at just one!!!

Want to waste your own time? Check it out at The site is updated often. You can even make your own LOLs and upload them to the site. This site has gotten so popular they are even making a coffeetable book of the CAT pictures.

Who'd a thunk???

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these five great sites where you can waste time all kinds of time. There are tons more, but these are the ones I use the most right now. I hope you check them all out and have a great time doing so. Now here is YOUR assignment. Share with us your all time favorite place to hang out. If you're going to waste time, we want to know where!!!!

Hugs and I'll see you again on Tuesday for some brand new "Tempting Talk".


Anonymous said...

LOved the sites and your comments, CJ. Thanks for the links and the laugh.


CJ England said...

You're welcome Angel. Sometimes we all just need to set everything else aside and laugh.

And cats and cowboys can sure be a lot of fun!!!


Julie said...

I hang out at myspace too. Actually it's time for me to change some things around on mine.

But my all time fave place to waste time is I love playing the games there.

CJ England said...

I've heard of Pogo. That's where you can play all kinds of classic as well as unique games.

I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for the heads up!

Desirée Lee said...

I used to really hate blogs but they're growing on me. *LOL*

I've spent way more time than a person should on icanhascheezburger looking at the LOL Cats. I adore the LOLrus! I don't have his bukkit though.

MySpace was another that I roiled against for a long time. I viewed it as a big meet/meat market. I didn't see the value at first in using it as a marketing tool. Now I'm an addict. Go figure.

YouTube has entirely too many funny things on it. It also has some really stupid stuff up there too. I guess you just have to learn to filter through the drivel. I never tire of the skating cowboys.

Animated Kama Sutra is a fun site! Though since I'm single again it's more like wishful thinking.

Carpe Noctem,

CJ England said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the sites. And you can think of it this way...

When you find that special guy, you'll be so well versed in the KS that you'll have a very happy man! LOL

Amy said...

Didn't know about the animated Kama Sutra, but the rest I've at least visited.

I've got one that I have become addicted to: The Kingdom of Loathing.
A kinder, gentler MMPRPG (I htink I have those letters right). It reminds me of the very old days of Gameboy and early Final Fantasy, updated, faster, and way funnier! Whoever wrote the stuff is a hoot, and I'd like to meet them!

CJ England said...

Thanks Amy.

That's a new one for me. I'll check it out. I enjoy the classic games, and I've done some role playing, but I'm afraid to get too into it. LOL I think I'd go in and never come out!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks CJ!

CJ England said...

You're welcome Lisa. I hope you really enjoyed them all!

Amy said...

CJ - KoL is addictive, but does have some built-in limits. You get a specific amount of turns (adventures) based on your character type, level of experience, and some other things. What you eat and drink adds adventures, but they also have a "fullness" weight attached to them and you can only get so full, or so drunk, in a day. Alcohol beverages that you mix you need to chose the best adventures:drunk ratio you can. And what you can cook or mix depends on what you have found while adventuring, or how you spend your money on ingredients. Joining a clan can also increase your adventures each day, depending on how their clan lodge is decorated. You have your own campground where you rest and regain HP and MP, but how you furnish and upgrade it has an effect on how many HP and MP you get back each rest (which costs an adventure/turn).

I'm either enticing you further or frightening you away with more description, so I'll stop now. How a great weekend!

CJ England said...

LOL That sounds like a blast, Amy. I think I'm in trouble!

Amy said...

Then I'll go one more. There is no gold or money in the game. Meat is what has value. And meat stacks, and dense meat stacks. And in order to combine certain things, you need meat paste. Oh, and if you go on quests for the bounty hunter on the wrong side of the tracks, you can earn filthy lucre, spendable only in his store. You should make an account/character just to get a peek at the writing. References to pop culture and all sorts of things abound. Let me know if you join. I'll send you a white snake skin, or something else fun.

Anonymous said...

I love that cowboy video! The one with the white hat is my fav!! I've dabbled at all those sites you list. Lately I've hit my space but don't have my page the way I want it so don't visit often. Youtube on the other hand I visit alot. Wednesday I typed in Superman Returns and came across this 12 part story someone told using the original movies and Supergirl movie. Quite interesting. Called the Children of Krypton. I've also found new artists like Within Temptation from typing in Harry Potter and watching videos people have put together. Some of the Kama Sutra positions I have decided are only for the extremely flexible. lol And of course I saved the cat one to play with more. lol Phylis

CJ England said... you've done it. It's even more tempting now. I think Jonathon will enjoy it to.

Thank you so much.

CJ England said...

Isn't it interesting that we like a lot of the same things.

I'll have to check on those videos. They sound really interesting.

And the Kama Sutra gets easier the more you do it. But be careful...cramps happen. LOL