Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Meet David Russell

Hey all,

It's time for another guest blogger. Today I have the honor of introducing David Russell, an author with Devine Destinies and Rose Dog Books. He is an artist in many ways and I'm pleased to have him with us. Here is a little more about him.

Born 12 June 1940 and living in West London, UK, David is a writer in all genres, including poetry, fiction, and criticism, and he is a guitarist and singer-songwriter. Some of David’s erotic poems have been featured in anthologies produced by Forward Press. He has a collection of poetry and prose entitled Prickling Counterpoints, that has been published in many magazines.

Please join me in welcoming David Russell to the blog!!!!


Hi everybody,

I will have come across many of you via CJ's FollowYourDreams Group. I am a (hopefully) well-preserved person in my late 60s, based in London, UK. I am a keen reader and writer of romantica and erotica, and it's been great over recent years to have savored the great abundance of such on the net. I am always keen to swap ideas/compare notes in that area.

I also write poetry and speculative fiction, as well as literary journalism (book reviews and reports of poetry readings/lectures).

I am a very keen amateur photographer. My favorite subjects for this are trees and their foliage, which I find inexhaustibly rich in making dazzling displays full of colour and texture. I also do a certain amount of painting and drawing, some abstracts and quite a few figures (I'd quite like to do a romance cover).

In the musical area, I am mainly a singer-songwriter. I like songs to be literate; among my favourites are Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega. I do some settings of famous poems. I like to be experimental with words, chords and phrases, using many open tunings on guitar. I play both guitar and keyboard, and am a regular feature on the London acoustic music and poetry scenes. In addition to that, I am a singer - songwriter, and have had much material on CD.

My romantica publications are: Explorations and Self's Blossom (Devine Destinies) Therapy Rapture (Rose Dog Books).

My main CD Recordings are Bricolage (Hangman Records, and Bacteria Shrapnel (Posterity Recordings)


Thanks, David for taking the time to let all of us know a little more about you. It sounds as if you have quite a few pans in the fire. Nothing like keeping busy to help make a person --ahem--well preserved! *smile*

To learn more about David, go to either of his publishers and check him out. Devine Destines and Rose Dog Books.

I'll be back on Friday with my pre-set blog about Xi'an China and those awesome warriors made of terracotta! I can see a book coming already!!!

CJ England
Follow Your Dreams

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Phylis said...

Nice to meet you David! Thank you for letting us get to know a little about you.