Friday, April 6, 2012

La Vie Bohemia - On the Lighter Side

Hey all,

I saw this on Yahoo News and couldn't help taking a look.  I'm not sure why it caught my attention, but I guess because I love this song, I had to see what it was all about.

The news in part, says this...

Robert Wilkinson is experiencing a few minutes of fame — 6:10 to be exact — after a video of him drunkenly singing the Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody” in its entirety while sitting in the back of an RCMP squad car has gone viral online.  

You can read more HERE.

But, if you like Queen or are in the mood for a good chuckle, take a quick listen to the "inspirational video" below.  Stay through til the end.  It's the best part of all.

Now, you have to admit, he's pretty good--for a drunk.  But the ending is what tickles me.  The guy's totally creative.  LOL  Just jumps right in there with the perfect comeback when the cop tells him to settle down.  Maybe he should write musicals.

But even though he does a damn fine job, I have to say the following version is my very favorite.  I'll watch it again and again.  Let's see if you enjoy it as much as I do.

The chickens in this version just crack me up.  And of course Animal.  Grrr... I adore Animal.  But really, the whole things is a hoot.  I think it's so creative.  They do such a good job choosing the right Muppet for each part of the music.  That's what I really think is awesome.

But is anything as good as the original?  I guess that's up to you.  I've put it below for comparison purposes.

This is one of the most popular songs ever sung.  Statistics show that it has been covered more than any other song--or at least parts of it has.  I remember seeing it in Wayne's World and laughing like a crazy woman.  It's one of the most requested songs on the radio, and it's the perfect song to sing in the shower.  So I guess making videos of it is the next logical step.

All I know is that as long as they keep making them, I probably will keep watching them.  Especially if they're as fun as the ones I've put here. 

I'll see you on Monday.  Have a great weekend!


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

One of my favorite songs by Queen! I saw the drunk guy. He had it down. lol I LOVE the Muppet version! Fantastic and creative. Thanks CJ.

CJ England said...

I know, Phylis. He was great! And I watch the Muppet version several times a year.