Monday, May 7, 2012

I Just Get So Bloody Tired...

Hey all,

As I promised I have a full blown rant for you.  I've been chewing on it for several weeks now, and it's finally time to say something.  I'm just so bloody tired of it.

What is it?

Well, I am sick and tired of people who think they know better than everyone else.  That type of arrogance just slays me.  And it's all around us.  No matter what you do...where you go...someone is always saying how much smarter, better, cuter, more respected, __________ *fill in the blanks*.

For example, the extended stay hotel where we are staying right now?  The proprietors are a piece of work.  The hospitality business isn't so hospitable. Ask for something and they tell you no before you even ask.  But it's the way they do it that is such a pisser.  If they have something to tell you, they always preface it with... 

Because this is the Netherlands...

Well, duh...I KNOW we are in the Netherlands, so I don't need to be told so all the time.  And I know that things are different here.  I don't mind being told what to do, but every five minutes?  With the attitude that because I'm not a local, I'm stupid?  *snarl*  And seriously, just because we are living in the Netherlands shouldn't preclude me getting a bloody extra pillow so I can prop up an injured foot!!!

And how about this.  You have a boss who asks you to do a specific thing.  So you do.  You're careful.  Follow the instructions to the letter.  And then you get called on the carpet for doing the EXACT thing you were asked to.  When you try and explain, the aforementioned boss goes ballistic, screaming she knows what she said, but she really didn't mean it, and you should have already known that.  Really?  Does she have such self confidence problems that she can't just admit she was wrong?  God save me from idiots like this.

Or this personal favorite.  You and someone you work with--a partner, an editor or someone in your profession--you disagree with each other.  While you try to communicate professionally, they descend into madness, being snide and argumentative, always trying to make you feel as if you are the one wrong, even though there is evidence to the contrary.  Or if there isn't a wrong or right, it's just a difference of opinion, they try and force their belief down your throat, unable to see that sometimes it's just different ideas at work.

I've had that up to my ears with different editors and publishers I've worked with.  Most of those types have bit the dust -- Silk's Vault, Twilight Fantasies, the infamous Mardi Gras -- but unfortunately there are still some out there, infecting everyone with their stupidity.

For me, I don't mind so much.  I mean, I know better because I've been around the block a few times, and while it hurts my heart, I can get past it.  But I cringe whenever I hear this type of behavior on one of my author lists--usually targeting some poor new author who is just asking a question because they don't know something.  It pisses me off when the editor or publisher gets snarky with them.  Unnecessary and oh-so-unprofessional.

Why are people like this?  Why?  If you've set yourself up in a position of leadership you have a responsibility to act professionally.  Do you understand the pain you can cause by those thoughtless remarks?

It costs nothing to bite back those first snotty words and respond politely.  Even when you think the question IS stupid.  Arrogance is one of the worst sins in the world, IMHO, and I'm sick to death of hearing people of authority, because they are the authority, tell me what they say is right, JUST BECAUSE IT IS THEM SAYING IT!!!!!

Well, guess PTBs out there, you DON'T know everything, and just because you say it, *snap*, don't make it right.  A lot of what you say is JUST an opinion--an opinion you try to tell everyone is gospel.

I could go on and on and on--give you example after example.  But I think you know what I mean.  Each of us has someone or several someones in their life who fits this description.  I just wish there weren't so many of them out there!!!

So how about you all?  Have an example you'd like to rant about?  Share it in the comments below!


CJ England


Phylis said...

I was about to ask for an Amen! Of course I'm brain slow this morning and can't come up with a story to go with this. Although it does flow into the concept of the customer always they have this attitude that we must bow to them and kiss their you know whats! There is no respect left in the world. At least it feels like it. *sigh*

ElendilPickle said...

Someday, I hope you tell us what you *really* think... :-D

Ray said...

Iligitimis Non Carborandum
(Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down)

I once had a commanding officer on a ship that I hated so much that every morning when I reported for work I looked to see if it had sunk at the pier. Nearly the entire crew hated him. Once when we were in Chile the wind dragged the anchor and the ship was in danger of running aground. Nearly 2/3 if the crew were ashore including the CO. Later in the CPO Mess the Chief Quartermaster (Navigation) said that it was the first time the ship got underway since that CO took command that there was no yelling on the bridge. He never got promoted and retired when his tour was over. I am glad to say that the ship is now an artificial reef off the coast of Florida.

CJ England said...

One of the reasons, Phylis, I got out of the customer service business. People are stupid. LOL

CJ England said...


*grin* I've always been an honest gal. LOL

CJ England said...

Ray, that was Jonathon's experience as well. Loved the Navy until his last year. Was going to re-up, but his new commander was a total ass. Everyone who was at the end of their run left the ship and the Navy.

Kelley Heckart said...

Hi CJ,

I love reading rants. :)
There is nothing worse than a know it all, arrogant asshat. I wish I could think of a specific example, but like Phylis, I'm a little brain slow myself today.

CJ England said...

Hey CC,

Thanks! I love writing them. Unfortunately it seems asshats are taking over the world. Or it sure seems that way.