Monday, May 21, 2012

Pretty Woman...Walking Down the Street...

Hey all,

A mini rant today.  Not much of one, but more of an observation.  One that many people might recognize.  Or at least be amused by.

I dressed up the other day.  Jonathon and I went out to dinner on one of the the elegant dinner cruises they have here in Amsterdam.  it was a wonderful night, filled with love, good food, wonderful ambiance, and the beautiful lights of the city.

It was an awesome time.  One I'll never forget.  I love dressing up and having a date night.  We don't do it often enough.  And I have to say, I looked damn good, too!  Jonathon's tongue fell right out of his head.  LOL

Yet that's where the mini-rant comes in.  

It's very disheartening to look so delicious, and as you're walking down the street, VERY few of the handsome men look at you.  And why?

Because they are looking at all the other delicious men!!!!


You've seen the cartoons, read the jokes, but now--*sigh*-- I've seen they can be the truth.  At least here.  A LOT of the handsome men in Amsterdam are gay and so no matter how great I look, I don't have the equipment to make them want to look twice.

It was actually both amusing AND irritating.  Of course, knowing Jonathon loved the way I looked was important, but it's always an ego boost to see other men take a second look.

And there were a few that did.  We had to walk from the tram stop to where the boat was berthed, so we passed a lot of men.  But it was easy to see those who loved women vs those who were attracted to men.  

I had several men do double takes, a few give me big toothy smiles and even had one big black guy make an obvious naughty suggestion in Dutch.  But I knew what he was asking.  LOL  Jonathon just gave him the fish eye, and he backed off, but it made me giggle.

But the gay guys...not a second glance.  Not one.  And since many of them are drool worthy, it made me pout a bit.  Jonathon thought it amusing, and we laughed over it at dinner.  But it is true, and for us sexy, heterosexual women, it just doesn't seem fair.  All those young, delightfully handsome men and not one looks at us.

*insert pout here*

Anyway, like I said, it's just a mini rant and more giggle-worthy than irritating, but it's true.  And I know it's not only here in the Netherlands, but all over the world as well.

So, what about you?  Any of you have a story to tell about this?  I'd love to hear it!  

Until Wednesday,

CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

If they were the ones staring at the woman in the picture then maybe they were looking at her bicycle or her cell phone. LOL

If you were wearing the dress in your dinner cruise blog you definitely would have had my vote.

Phylis said...

That's funny CJ. I don't get that much attention but if a guy says Hi to me, Michael wants to know how I know him. LOL!

CJ England said...

LOL, Ray.

And thanks! I was wearing that one. A little black dress can do wonders for a gal.

CJ England said...

Jonathon has growled at a few guys who gave me a second look. It's the KIND of look, if you know what I mean.