Friday, May 18, 2012

The Lighter Side Heads Down Memory Lane

Hey all,

I pushed back this blog a week, but this type of things never gets old.  LOL  A trip down memory lane to give you a few laughs.  It's amazing what you can do with an historical photograph.  Enjoy!

Teaching them young...

 Poor Captain Hook.  He's up to his ass in alligators.

LOL  I've seen this movie

I think I've seen this hairdo on fashion runways.  *snort*

 I guess they DID have computers back in the olden days.  They just looked like file cabinets.

And finally, the best for last...(IMHO)
*snort*  Even back then they knew it was silly.

There you have it.  A few giggles to take you into your weekend.  I'll be back on Monday with more news and fun!

Hugs to all,

CJ England


Ray said...

My favorite is the one with the pie.

I would like to see the evolution of style in comic drawing. I think it would make a great museum exhibit.

CJ England said...

I think you're right, Ray. I wonder if there is one somewhere?

Phylis said...

Those are funny CJ. Seeing the evolution of drawing would be great.

CJ England said...

Thanks Phylis,

Sometimes I just relax at the LOL site. Not often enough, but it's one of my faves.