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Just a quick bit of blatant promotion.  LOL  Friday, my holiday book, Frosty...The Real Man came out at Aspen Mountain Press.  Filled with romance, hot sexy encounters, humor and emotion, it will be sure to make you sigh, smile, laugh, cry and grab your very own sweet baboo/babette. 

Someone asked me where the idea came from.  How did I come up with a snowman hero?  Well the credit for that goes to one of my fans, Cassidy McKay.  We were chatting on my list one day about me writing other holiday stories after my Here Comes Peter (due out on April 1, 2011) and Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks (due out February 11, 2011).  I wanted to do a Christmas story and we were trying to think of a unique character to work with.

Well, Cassidy came up with the idea of an anatomically correct snowman.  We all had a good laugh over the idea, but later I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I thunk and I thunk and in a blinding flash of inspiration (I credit the Christmas Spirit) Frosty...The Real Man was born.

Let's take a look at this #1 BESTSELLING book!

Here is the official blurb...


Amy is tired of being alone.  But she's even more tired of the men she's dated in the past.  She longs to find a man who will be loving and true to her. A real man.

When Givré, one of the many Christmas Spirits, is sent to Amy inside the snowman she created, he's given the assignment to be her date to the Winter Wonderland Ball.  And he is very pleased with his luck.  Amy is his dream woman.  Talented, beautiful, loving and very sexy.

But Amy doesn't believe her handsome Frenchman is a snowman, a spirit, or anything else... other than maybe a little crazy.  And even though she is very attracted to him, she can't bring herself to give into her feelings.

But Givré isn't going to give up so easily.  He's fallen in love with his artist lady and he'll do anything to make her understand it's her love that will melt his frozen heart.


And just for you...a excerpt different from what is on my website.  But go HERE first so you can see how our two lovers meet.  Then read the excerpt below...  (warning...NOT work safe)


As if he heard her thoughts, he abruptly released her, his black eyes shining with need. “I cannot get enough of you. Je vous veux…I want you again!”

Sweeping their coffee cups off the table with a crash, Givré lifted her to the tabletop. “If you will not give me waffles,” he growled sexily. “You must give me something else.” Pulling open the tie of her robe, he spread it around her as he pushed her back to lie on the table.

“Givré,” she gasped, but his finger touched her lips to quiet her. 

“I wish to taste all of you, ma ange,” he murmured, his dark gaze caressing her face. “You will be my breakfast…no?”

Amy swallowed hard. Lying naked on a table was another thing she’d never done before, but the heat in his eyes told her he liked what he saw. Taking a deep breath, she leaned back and tried to relax.

Givré looked his fill. He had been too incapacitated to really see her in the shower, but his gut clenched when he saw how beautiful she was. Her long blonde hair had fallen out of its untidy ponytail, and now streamed over her slender shoulders. Eyes, the color of the blue Nigelle flowers he’d picked in the mountains above his home as a boy, stared up at him. “Love-in-Mist,” he said under his breath, remembering the English translation of the name. 

He traced his finger over her high cheekbones and full red lips, then smoothed over her stubborn chin. Unable to help it, he bent and kissed her again, reveling in the taste of her. She was addicting…like fine French café, and she was as sinfully sweet as expensive chocolat. The kiss deepened, his tongue stroking into her mouth to dance with hers.

Breathing heavily, he broke the kiss and leaned back. “I am not done looking,” he said hoarsely. “This,” he swept a hand down her trembling body. “This beauty I missed earlier.”

“Givré—” she protested.

Non, ma ange.” He shook his head reprovingly at her. “You are très belle. And you are mine!” His hands stroked over her shoulders and down her slender, muscular limbs. He could tell she was an artist. Her arms showed her strength. He kissed each fingertip, one by one until she squirmed on the table. 

Grinning, he cupped her breasts in his hands. They weren’t large, but just the right size to hold. Using his thumb, he gently caressed her nipples, causing them to go pebble hard beneath his touch. She whispered his name, and desire flushed her cheeks.

“So soft. Like rose petals.” He traced his hands down her flat stomach to her slender, yet womanly hips. Her long legs hung over the side of the table, and his body tightened in a rush as he remembered them wrapped around him as he thrust into her.

“Ahhh, ma chérie,” he groaned. “I want to be inside of you, enjoying your silk tight around me. I was never closer to heaven than when I was loving you.”

Amy’s eyes filled at his words. He made her feel so special, so loved. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. “Then love me, Givré…I want you, too.”

His eyes darkened even more. “Non…not yet.” The corner of his mouth lifted. “I am still hungry.” Kneeling between her legs, he kissed up one thigh, and then the other. Her legs trembled wildly, but he lifted them to his own thighs. Then, capturing her gaze with his own, he kissed her naked mound.

She cried out. She was totally exposed yet completely safe. His eyes held hers as he began kissing and licking, gently separating the folds of her sex to lick the moist treasure he yearned for.

His own lust threatened to overwhelm him at the scent of her arousal. He beat it back into submission as he continued to nibble and suck at Ami’s nether lips. She was so soft, so smooth. There was no hair to bar his passage as he stroked his tongue between the soft, warm folds to the elixir that awaited him.

He shuddered. Her taste was as he knew it would be. Dark. Erotic. Sweet. Growling a little, he pushed open her thighs so he could feast more readily. She fought him, her hands going to his head, but he met her eyes as he licked her juices from his lips. “Trust me, ma ange. Let me give you this pleasure. I wish to taste you, to lick the sweetness from your body. It will give me much pleasure as well.”

Heat swelled inside Amy, bringing her close to climax from his words alone. His eyes were so black…like ebony stars burning with fire. She whimpered his name, allowing his head to drop back between her thighs, trusting him as she’d never trusted a man before.

His tongue licked up through her folds and curled around her clitoris. Her nipples prickled with need as he sucked gently. His hand smoothed up her thigh, and then his mouth moved away and his finger took its place, rubbing and plucking at her throbbing flesh. His mouth moved lower, his tongue flicking back and forth between the folds as if searching…searching.

Suddenly, his tongue stabbed deep within her dripping quim and she cried out, her hips arching off the table at the heat that shot through her. His thumb pressed against her clit, and his tongue swirled inside of her, over and over again until she screamed out his name and exploded. Heat and light shot though her like an electric shock, all centered where his mouth busily sucked and caressed. 

Her response almost did him in. Givré barely had enough command of himself to hold her down on the table and continue his ministrations until she was done shivering and crying out his name. When she finally lay still, trembling on the table, he stood and desperately pulled his sweat bottoms off. His cock pointed straight upwards, and her eyes widened when she saw it.

He prayed for control when her hand reached out and wrapped around it. “Ami...” he rasped out. “Be careful of what you do here.”

She looked at his erection with awe. “Maybe I am an artist.”

He choked out a laugh and covered her hand with his. “Oui, ma chérie, but now allow me to show you another kind of art.” Gently, he kneed her legs apart and stepped between them. “Put me inside of you, Ami. Show me you wish this joining.”

Amy smiled. So…he would let her set the pace. Gently, she stroked his penis, delighting in the hard softness of him. His indrawn breath made her stomach tighten again, and she wondered just how much she could stand. Slowly, she guided the head of his cock to her opening, allowing him to just rest inside the entrance. Her whole body tightened and her heart trembled. Then she looked at him, seeing the barely held control in the clenched jaw and heaving chest.

“Pleasure me again, Givré,” she whispered. “Show me why the French are considered such great lovers.”

*end of excerpt*

Well, I hope you enjoyed that!  I get hot and bothered and I wrote it!  LOL  For more information about this fun holiday book, head to my website HERE.  Or just go buy the book at Aspen Mountain Press, HERE.  And don't forget to send me a copy of your receipt.  You'll get a special free gift as a thank you!

Thanks, all.  I'll be back on Monday with a fun blog about being a greenie or a meanie!  LOL

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