Friday, December 3, 2010

Setting up the Christmas Tree

Hey all,

Wow!  It's already another Friday on my blog. The first of the wonderful Christmas season and we open it up with a great blog about the holidays. Today's guest blogger is Myla Jackson, a fellow Samhain author who actually had me in tears with today's post.  But before we get into that, let's learn a little more about Myla!

Myla Jackson writes stories for Samhain Publishing, Ellora's Cave, Kensington and Avon.

Twenty years of livin' and lovin' on a South Texas ranch raising horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus left an indelible impression on Myla Jackson, one she likes to instill in her red-hot stories. Myla pens wildly sexy, fun adventures of all genres including historical westerns, medieval tales, romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal beasties of all shapes and sexy sizes. 

When she's not wrangling words from her computer she's out snow-skiing, boating, riding her ATV or spending time with her family. She lives in the tree-covered hills of Northwest Arkansas with her husband of 20+ years and her muses— the human-wanna-be canines—Chewy and Sweetpea.

So, without further ado, let's see what Myla has to say about our upcoming holiday!  Please join me in giving her a big DREAMY welcome!


It's been three years since we actually set up a Christmas tree. If we plan a vacation at Christmas, we rarely set up a tree and we've been gone for the past couple of Christmases. With one grown child half a world away in Guam, another 4 1/2 hours away in the same state and tied to his work schedule, we only one child at home and it's easier and cheaper to go places at Christmas with only three to fund.

So we've been snow skiing in Colorado, on the beach in Australia and just anything but staying home. But this year, we made a pact to stay home for Christmas (all bets off after Christmas, I'm feeling a ski vacation coming on).

My youngest daughter was bound and determined to put up a tree. I had a deadline to write to and she didn't. So she borrowed her dad's truck and drove to town for a real tree, complete with the fresh scent and all.

We spent the evening setting up the tree, stringing it with lights and then she and her boyfriend added the ornaments. I think it was at the ornaments part that I got all choked up. You see, I'm one of the mothers who keeps damned near every weird ornament my kids ever made for me. It brought back so many memories I had tears in my eyes. I miss my kids who are grown and gone and I miss my youngest being an innocent little girl with wonder in her eyes over Santa's visit.

Do I wish my daughter hadn't insisted on a tree this year? Hell no. Granted it isn't a tree worthy of Martha Stewart's show, but because of it I get to relive many Christmases spent with my family and be closer to them even when they are far, far away.

I hope you spend time at Christmas with your families. And put up a tree! It's worth all the hassle.


*sniff*  This will be my first Christmas away from my children and Myla's memories hit me hard.  I too keep every ornament my kids made plus I bought each one of them a new one every year.  Even far away I can't stop that practice.  They're all getting a City of Dreams Casino Chip to hang on the tree!  LOL

Check out more about Myla Jackson and her work by visiting her website at

And how awesome is this!  She and I share a release date.  My Frosty...The Real Man comes out today at Aspen Mountain, while Myla's novella BODY SNATCHERS comes out at Ellora's Cave.

So head on over and pick up both these great stories.  And I'll see you next week with a blog about how it's not easy being green!  *snicker*


Phylis said...

Congrats on the release dates gals! Sorry I wasn't here Friday. I've been sick and this is my first day back. Lovely memories. I too, have all my children's ornaments.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Phylis.

I'm sitting here looking at an ornament we made of pics of our kids and getting all teary-eyed over the memory. They were 6, 3, and 1 respectively.

Now they are 25, 23, and 21 and all out on their own. *sniff*