Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Awesome, the Wierd and the Yummy

Hey all,

I think I said I was going to do this blog on Friday, but I meant today.  My bad.  LOL  On Friday I have another Lighter Side blog, a really great one, especially for you Star Wars fans. 

Today I thought I'd share three things we've enjoyed here in Barcelona over the last week.  I've mentioned a few of these in either my daily emails or this blog, but I thought I'd give you some pics and go into more detail about these specific adventures.

1)  The Corteo Barcelona Premiere...  Remember I told you all that Ian was our roommate?  Well, he's also the new kitchen manager for the show and as I said before, he's awesome!  He's revamped some of the way the kitchen is run, smoothing things out and making them more efficient.  He's also added new dishes and made the dining room so much more homey!  All this in less than six weeks.

He threw his first Premiere party this last weekend and I have to say, I've been to a lot of premieres in my life, but this...this was amazing.  

Now remember, this kitchen and dining room are made from semi trucks and tent sides.  And his kitchen isn't in some five star hotel in Paris.  But just look at the spread he put out for us all!!!!

Pretty awesome, right?  Seafood, fruit, cheeses, lamb, roast beast, ham, side dishes and desserts of all kinds.  And to top it all off, he commissioned that beautiful ice sculpture you see next to my sweet baboo!  Something NEVER before done at the show! 

But I told him he had a problem.  How was he going to top this?????  LOL

2)  One of the things I love most about traveling is discovering new things.  New museums, new scenery, new art or new people.  So you can imagine how I felt when I discovered all four of those wrapped into one.

Park Guell.  A spectacular failure as a real estate project, but the most uniquely weird park I have ever had the pleasure of exploring.  Designed by my new favorite artist, Antoni Guadi, this housing development that never got off the ground has been transformed into Barcelona's #1 place to see (depending on who you ask )  

It's a park, a meeting place, and a rabbit warren of odd buildings, caverns, roads and some things I'm not even sure what to call them.  LOL

The picture above is the entrance to the park, and as you can see it is something quite different from the norm.  Forget the rabbit warren, I immediately thought I'd wandered through the looking glass!!!

Check some of these pictures out.  And once you're done looking, google Park Guell.  It's amazing.  But I have to say, it's even weirder and awe inspiring in person.

 Above are some of the bases of the viaducts he built as roads.  Each is more amazing than the next.  Some are rounded, some are bent and some are curved and crooked.  NOTHING is straight!  LOL

This unique structure is what was supposed to be the town square.  Built on dozens of stone columns, it has a view of Barcelona that is beyond belief!

 On the square Jonathon sits on what is purported to be the longest bench in the world.  In the last pic you can see it stretching around the entire square.  But it's not straight.  Oh no!  That would be so un-Gaudi!

And this final pic is of underneath one of the areas.  As you can see it is NOT straight at all!  LOL  In fact, this is not a place where you want to walk after drinking a few beers.  You'd never be able to tell up from down!!! 

Like I said, make sure you go check out some of Gaudi's other work.  I'm going to be doing a tour of the city to see it and I can't wait!!!

3) I promised you pictures from our Tapas hopping experience and here they are.  Jonathon and I really enjoyed ourselves and while we won't make a habit of it (except on Sunday nights when football is on and we are drinking and nibbling) we really enjoyed this part of Spanish culture.

Now remember, Tapas are basically finger foods.  They can be just about anything you want--just very small portions--but the ones we saw the most of are... olives, sausage, cheeses, anchovies, fish dishes, toast and pick-a-food, and stuffed things, like pumpkin Parmesan and stuffed eggplant fritters.  The choices are endless and we enjoyed trying a few.  Like all of these!

There are so many different kinds, but my favorite was the pumpkin Parmesan we had at one place and the spinach and cream cheese on toast points we had at another.  It's a great way to graze all night and never get full!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all the pics.  I'm trying to organize everything, but I have to tell you, sometimes there are so many I just get lost!  LOL

Remember to google Guadi and have a great rest of your week!




Phylis said...

I googled Gaudi. Wow! Interesting buildings and such there. I hate to keep saying it sounds like you had a great time...but you did! lol I love seeing the pics! Thanks for sharing them.

Ray said...

I never stopped at a Tapas Bar. Now I wish I had. The food looks delicious. At the turn of the millennium I attended an outdoor New Year's rock concert in the city square in Palma de Mallorca. The concert ended about 3:00 Am. Instead of Tapas I went to and Irish pub. They seem to be all over Spain. There is a town in Mallorca called Palma Nova. It is mostly British. That might explain the Irish Pubs. An English pub in Rota is called the Whistling Pig right down the street from an Irish pub.

One thing I noticed about Europe, especially Spain is the late hours. Coming from the beach to Base Naval in Rota I would walk by buildings that seemed to be boarded up. I mostly went in for daytime activities so when there was a going away party for the person I relieved it started at 11:30. The "boarded up" businesses were wide open.

I kind of like those late night dinners. In our hotel in Rio de Janiero the rooftop restaurant didn't open until 10:00 PM. A lot different from our USA 8:00 PM dinner our or the 6:00 pm supper at home. I actually like the later hours. I never went to bed before 2:00 AM when I was sailing.

The Tapas pictures made me hungry.

CJ England said...

I know, Phylis. Isn't he something? Jonathon and I are going to go see his masterpiece next week, Sagrada Familia the biggest church I've ever seen. They've been building the thing for over two centuries I think.

The few pics I've seen are amazing. I can't wait to see the inside.

CJ England said...


There are a LOT of Irish pubs here too. We have noticed that. And we too have noticed the late hours. It's crazy.

Luckily we got in the habit of eating late years ago, so it's not too bad that way, but because Spain is so late minded it's tough on the show. Most of the shows don't even START until 10:00pm! That means no one finishes until after 1:00am! Wow!!!!

No early to bed, early to rise here. Everyone on show call sleeps in!