Monday, January 30, 2012

An Encouraging Thought For the Day!

Hey all,

Today's blog is about enjoying yourself.  That's right.  Letting go and just having fun.  We don't do enough of it--the pressures of the real world prevent us from embracing the joy all around us.  But I have to tell you, if I've learned anything in my years out and about in the world, it is to squeeze every bit of fun you can out of every day.  

Remember, you never get that time back.  Don't waste it.

On the way to meet Jonathon last night, I watched a child playing with friends in the street.  He had one of those weird scooters.  The ones you have to wiggle to make work.  He was swaying back and forth, shaking his little butt trying to get it going, but he was so very small.  His little wiggles just didn't have the go power of his larger counterparts all around him.

But he didn't give up.  Oh no!  He just kept wiggling and wiggling until one of his friends--I think his brother they looked so much alike--came over and gave him a little push.  That got him going and his little wiggles morphed into something that actually made the scooter sail along.

Life is like that.  Sometimes we are all just wiggling along, feeling as if we are not going anywhere.  We are discouraged and want to kick our scooter over and just sit down and cry.  But the cool thing is, if you keep going...keep on wiggling, usually something or someone will come along and you'll get the push you need to keep going.

The push can come from a friend, a stranger...hell, some of my most interesting pushes have come from people I didn't even like.  But you get pushed, none the less.  And you keep going.  Sometimes a little shakily at first, but after a while, like that little boy,  you are sailing along confidently.

I thought about all this as I watched the child enjoying himself.  Every day is such a treasure.  Whether you are at home with kids, working a job out of the house, fighting with your lover, or sick as a dog...we are given a finite number of days to experience and it's our job, and I believe our joy to make each day count.

It can be tough sometimes.  Believe me, after the year I just had, I'm an expert in tough days.  But no matter what happens, no matter how tired, discouraged, sick or angry we get, if we keep on wiggling, eventually, that little push WILL happen and things will change.  Instead of standing still, we begin to move again.

So, don't give up if you're having a bad day/week/month/year/life.  Embrace whatever it is you're experiencing.  Don't waste those seconds.  Because once you are moving again, I promise you, you will look back at that time of frustration.  And what will you see?

Will you think those days wasted?  Or a time of change, refining and learning?  A time to prepare you for the scooter journey ahead?

After all, don't they say it's the journey that makes life worthwhile?

See you on Wednesday!




Ray said...

Not just a blog, but a way of life. Party on.


Phylis said...

"A time to prepare you for the scooter journey ahead?" I like that line. Just gives me this image of shaking my butt and moving the scooter. lol Thanks CJ!

CJ England said...

Amen to that, Ray. If we can get a little wiggle going, we'd be so much better off! LOL

CJ England said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Phylis. It was one of those blogs that just poured out so easily, I knew I HAD to share!