Friday, January 20, 2012

On the Lighter Side...

Hey all,

Until I get my guest blogging schedule up and going again (if anyone wants to come play after last year's craziness) I've decided Friday will be my day to look at the lighter side of life.  You know what I mean...those things that you see and can't help but grin about.  Life's full of them, so why not celebrate and share the laughter?

That being said, you have to look at this video.  Now here is an example of someone grabbing the gusto out of life!  If for some reason it doesn't work (blogger won't let me check) go here to watch it instead...

Isn't that great!  I always knew crows were smart, but I didn't know they liked to play!  I can remember as a kid going to the Fresno fair and finding big pieces of cardboard behind the concession stands.  We'd snatch them up and take them to the far side of the arena where this was this big hill.  Then we'd slide down on the grass.

It drove my parents nuts.  They paid good money for us to ride the carnival rides, but we had more fun racing down the grassy hill than we ever did on the Zipper!  LOL  Seriously, I can't remember a single ride at that fair, but I have great memories of screaming with laughter as we all slid down the hill.

And it looks like this bird is having the same fun.  A jar lid, a snowy roof and who needs a crow's version of the Ferris Wheel or Octopus.  He's having a great time without those things.

Ahhh...the simpler things in life.  Makes me long for those days as a kid all over again. 

How about you?  What great fun memory do you have as a kid?  Something you wish you could do all over again if you had the chance.  Let us all know in the comments below.

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back next week with some awesome news!!!



Ray said...

I love crows. The way they walk is funny, almost cartoonish. They never seem to be afraid. The ones in my neighborhood will keep walking even when cars approach and only fly away if the car gets too close. They seem to know a car has to stay in its lane.

My memories of snowy weather are mostly from when I was four years old. It got so cold (-40) that when Dad tried to take the car through the field in the snow to avoid the ice on the road the spider gear in the rear axle snapped. He had to tow the car back home with the tractor. That same winter I had lots of fun when it wasn't quite so cold. There was a crust on top of the snow. I tried to walk on it and kept falling through snow up to my shoulders. There was a concrete pad that had ice on it. I would try to walk across only to fall down.

My dog was my baby sitter. We lived on a farm. Mom would let me play outside by myself as long as the dog was following me around. When the wheat was as tall as I was the dog kept me from getting lost and Mom could see him even if my head wasn't sticking over the grain. The dog would let me pull him around in my little red wagon.


CJ England said...

What a great dog, Ray. I had a beagle named Ginger when I was a kid. I adored that dog.

BTW...I checked out Corte Ingles yesterday. was huge! It just kept going and going and going. LOL

Lots of great things. It's frustrating not to be able to have to think about weight restrictions. I want it all!!!!!!!!

Kelley Heckart said...

Hi CJ,
I'm glad to see you feeling better and back to writing your blog.

Watching my dogs play always makes me smile and remember to take time to enjoy life. Animals seem to know what we don't--to take one day at a time and enjoy the simple things in life.

Unknown said...

I saw the crow clip the other day & had to share it with the boys. LOL

When I was a kid we went to the zoo & we always spent time rolling down a cool grassy hill (remember Phoenix is brown & flat so it was a treat). Problem is I'm allergic to most grasses. Once home it was bath, calamine lotion & antihistamines. My parents believed I should be able to have fun and I'm grateful.

Phylis said...

When we first moved to Nebraska my cousins of course knew all the best sled places. There was this one that had barb wire way down at the end of it, so you had to be careful not to go to far or at least turn your sled. The only downside was the trudge back up the hill. The other great memory is walking in the snow at night. It was so white it looked as bright as day almost. Great snowball fights. Now you can't hang out at night like that, unless you want to be picked up or attacked. *sigh* Oh well...still great memories! Thanks CJ!

CJ England said...

Celtic Chick,

Dogs can make you forget all your problems if you let them. Pets are better than TV sometimes! LOL

CJ England said...

Great memory, Connie and you were blessed by parents who loved you enough to let you enjoy life, even if there was a slight cost later.

Wonderful fun!

CJ England said...


We had a hill like that back in Yosemite. If you went too far you went off a cliff and you'd fall about 20 feet. I look back at that and wonder what we were thinking!

But it was the best hill around and we never fell off! LOL

Unknown said...

Yes, CJ. They worked hard at letting me have a normal life & I'm grateful.

I can remember somethings back to age 3 so I have a lot of fun memories. :0)