Friday, January 27, 2012

The Lighter Side Goes Over to the Bark Side...

Hey all,

I found this awesome video and had to share. Someone had a lot of time on their hands. LOL But they are making a mint from it! This is supposed to be a Superbowl commercial..or at least a trailer.

I think it's great!

So...what do you think!

May the Farce...I mean Force be with you!!!



Ray said...

It is funny, but if you lose interest before the end of the show you have no idea what they are selling.

The funniest VW ad I have ever seen was one shown in Europe a few years ago. A man's VW is stolen. He goes out to try to rescue his car naked holding his crotch. You can see his bare butt as he runs down the street. Not something that would be shown in the USA.

Another European ad I loved was a male and female in zero gravity. They got the top buttons of their Levi's 501 jeans stuck together. Not in the USA.


Carrie said...

lol that was pretty cool I wonder how many takes it took to get it right.

felinewyvern said...

Love it!

CJ England said...

LOL Ray. I know I never watch Superbowl commercials for the products. I just like seeing what they come up with every year.

I've seen some ads over here that I just gape at. You don't realize how straight laced America is until you've lived overseas.

CJ England said...


I wondered the same thing.

This one was so creative. The greyhound at the about the perfect finale!

CJ England said...


There is talk of another one similar. I can't wait to see it!

Mustika Art Galery said...

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CJ England said...

Hey Mustika,

Glad you like the blog. I love Batik. I have several pieces I got when we were in Indonesia. So very pretty.

Phylis said...

It drove my dog nuts! lol Have you seen the commercial where the dogs drive up to the pier and try to put a boat in the water? lol

CJ England said...

Hey Phylis,

Ooops. Sorry about the critters! LOL

I haven't seen that one about the dogs and the boat. I looked, but I must be using the wrong keywords. Do you have a link?