Friday, April 1, 2016

Hey Ho, A Packing I Go

Hey all,

I'm packing least favorite part about being on tour. I swear, things breed in our suitcases, and I always have more than I thought I did, even when I haven't done any shopping.

Over the next couple weeks, I'll be on and offline. Doing our usual moving from one city to another. I really hate this part, and I sometimes wonder if I'm close to being done with this lifestyle.  I love seeing new things, but I miss having my own place.

So how was everyone's Easter?  Ours was quiet since Jonathon had to work.  The Easter Bunny came in the morning and left me some treats, then came back later that night and left a bunny trail of surprises for Jonathon.

Down here in Montevideo it's very different than in the states. Both Good Friday and Easter everything pretty much shuts down completely.  I swear the streets echo they're so empty. And don't plan on going to the store. EVERYTHING is closed.

I haven't done much here in Montevideo. As I think I've mentioned before, too busy with work and to be honest, there isn't a lot to do once you've seen the high points.  I did a few fun hours of museum hopping yesterday and finished up a bit of my souvenir shopping, but the three day trip we wanted to take didn't happen since they had our passports to get ready for entering Argentina.  THAT was a real disappointment. We really wanted to see more of Uruguay.

We'll be taking the ferry across to Buenos Aires. It's a fun trip we've done before and pretty easy custom's wise.  And since we're going with the group, we don't have to worry about luggage or transportation. That's the nice part of doing it this way.

Anyway, I should have some interesting news for everyone in the next week or so.  Keep your eyes on the blog to find out why I'm a tad excited for the future!

Until next time...

CJ England


Ray said...

It seems as though you just got to Montevideo.

Phylis said...

Exactly what Ray said! lol Safe travels!