Monday, November 22, 2010

Adventures In Movie Seeing

Hey all,

Continuing on with our movie theme from last week, we went to see a movie last Saturday.  No, it wasn't Deathly Hallows.  *sigh*  It's not here in Macau yet.  It's in Hong Kong, and we might be taking a trip over THERE.  LOL

Anyway, we went and saw the movie, Unstoppable with Denzil Washington and the newcomer, Chris Pine (he played James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek).

It's the first time we've had a chance to go to the movies here in Macau.   We've been into the theatre to see what was playing, and the lobby is about the size of a postage stamp compared to what you have in the states.  LOL  Further inside, it sports several theatres.

Now, when we lived in Singapore, we went to the movies a lot.  And it was pretty cool.  There, you go online, buy your tickets and pick your seats.  Then get your tickets at the will call window when you get there.

But the picking your seats thing took a bit to get used to.  For those of you in the states, you know what I mean.  Standing in line...the free for all for the big movies.  (Seriously, how many of you are going to be hanging out at the theatre for hours, trying to get the BEST seat for Harry Potter?)  But over in Asia, and I'm told in a few other parts of the world, the seats are assigned, so you can get there at the very last minute.  No muss.  No fuss.

Now the downside is, if you pick a seat that SUCKS, you're stuck.  Unless the crowd is small and you sneak to another seat once you're in there.  But that always worries me over here.  I can just see the headlines...


Can you say, embarrassing? Geesh.  If I'm going to get deported, it better be for something more exciting than surreptitiously changing seats in a darkened theatre.

The other thing we had to get used to was the food offered in the theatre.  The drinks are pretty much the same as in the states, but the popcorn...something so basic and you'd think, easy...isn't.  I went up to get some at the first movie I went to in Singapore and this is the way the conversation went.

Me:  "One large popcorn please."
Girl: "Sweet or Salty?"
Me:  "Huh?"
Girl: (rolls eyes)  Sweet or Salty, Ma-dam?"  (They call most white non-young women that in Asia.  Took me aback the first time.  Looked around for Heidi Fleiss.  LOL)
Me: "I just want popcorn."
Girl:  (who's now giving me the "you are SUCH a stupid American" face)  No, Ma-dam.  The you want it sweet or with the salt?"
Me:  (getting a little irritated)  "I don't want anything sweet.  Just give me a large popcorn."
Girl:  *sighs*  "Yes, Ma-dam.  Sweet or salty?"

Luckily, Jonathon stepped in and explained what she was saying before I clocked her one.  Of course, then it made sense, but since we don't have the choice of caramel corn in the theatres back home, it never even dawned on me what little miss Singapore was going for.  It was just too different.

I mean, where else can you buy bon bons and dried dead fish on a stick to go with that sweet popcorn and drink?  Don't was almost as bad as the poor dead baby pigeons.  

And if you watch a 3-D movie, they stand at the door and you don't leave without giving them back their glasses.  No disposables here...everything is first rate and expensive.  LOL  Yet, they throw away wood like it grew on trees!  ( know what I mean)  Makes no sense, but there you go.

Anyway, it's just another way living over here is so different.  Even something as simple and enjoyable as seeing a movie can be a total adventure.

Adventures in Movie Seeing...  Sounds like an idea for a feature film to me!

Hugs and I'll see you on Wednesday when I'm back with a look at Thanksgiving in another country.

CJ England  

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Wow! I can see and understand your confusion CJ. The minute you said sweet I thought of it having M & M's in it. Ooops. lol Hope you get to see Harry Potter soon! It is fantasticly awesome!

CJ England said...


I'm glad I'm not the only one! LOL

And we'll compare notes on HP as soon as I see it. I'm so excited.

Ray said...

I did notice one difference in movie going in Japan. Before the movie begins they play the national anthem and everyone stands until it concludes.

Back in 1966/67 when I was aboard the US Seventh Fleet flagship the fleet band would play the US anthem followed by the Japanese anthem. We do it at sporting events in the US, but I have never seen it done at a movie.