Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter Sweeps the World

Hey all,

I admit it.  I'm a geek.  A total Harry Potter fan girl.  I love the books and I really enjoyed the movies.  I think J.K. Rowling has built one of the best worlds since J.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.  You can actually see the brick wall move in Diagon Alley and feel the Golden Snitch as it speeds by you.

Now I will say that out of all the books, I liked this last one, The Deathly Hallows, the least.  For me it was too murky and deep, I hated who they killed off in it (I won't say just in case there are any real HP virgins left out there) and I thought the conclusion was empty.  Almost like she was tired and just quit writing.  But the world she built, with all it's intrigue, magic and unique characters will always be one of my very favorites.

I personally believe that world building is one of the most important things you can do in a book.  The ones where the author didn't take the time to do so always feel flat to me.  Maybe that's why I write longer books.  I want to take the time to build that world.

In The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire, I discovered a whole faerie world beyond the myst.  And I've just scratched the surface with the book that's been released.  You haven't even met the Elven Flyers, Treasure Goblins or  Rock Wraiths yet.  (smile)

It was a joy to make up that world, one I can't wait to go back to.  And I wonder if J.K. feels the same way.  Does she wish she could go back to the wizarding world as well?

But maybe she doesn't have to.  Have you seen the news there are now Quidditch teams?  And even an Official Quidditch Cup Match?  How must J.K. feel when she sees her fantasy world cross into the real one?

Which is real and which is fantasy?

Maybe that is one of the signs of a really successful book.  When its fans take it to the next level and make it real.  For an author, that is a huge complement.  To know your work has made such an impact on people.

I often wonder which of my series might go to the next level.  Would it be Mylari with its elves, orcs and magic?  Or the Don't series with it's vampires, shapeshifters and demons?  Or The Peacekeeper series that has all of the above.  Could any of these books spawn an entire fanset that takes my dream worlds into this one?

What do you think?  Might any of my series be the next blockbuster movie?  And getting back to J.K., are you a HP fan too?  If so, are you wearing Gryffindor or Slytherin colors when you go see the new movie?  You better tell me in the comments below, or I might send Hagrid and his pet dragon after you!   LOL

Hugs and see you on Wednesday,

CJ England  

Follow Your Dreams


James L. Hatch said...

Not a big HP fan, unless or course that would be Hewlett Packard (I'm a real geek). Still, I enjoyed your comments about world building. I also enjoyed a typo-free blog. If I ever get time to read again, I'm putting your name on the list.

CJ England said...

Hey James,

Nice to meet you. Thanks for the compliments. Both of them. I try hard to proof, almost as hard as I try to build a good world. LOL

Hope to see you here again!

Unknown said...

I love Harry Potter. I started reading it when the books first came out, a major obsession. My brother is the one who got me hooked. I cannot wait for the last movie to come out!!

CJ England said...

Hey Tonya,

So what was your favorite movie? I go between the first one, which I liked because it was such a time of discovery, and The Goblet of Fire which was just AWESOME!!!

Ray said...

I've not read HP. I have been following J.K. Rowling's and that of the actors in the movies (I have seen most of them).

Maybe she left the book looking unfinished because she did not really want THE DEATHLY HALLOWS to be her last. There is a rumor that after laying off for a while she will write one more story.


Lgali said...

yes I love HP too

kittykelly28 said...

I'm a Harry Potter freak! :) I even took Friday off work so I could make sure I could get in and get a good space! :) hehe The books are way better than the movies of course. :)

CJ England said...


If you want to learn how to build a fantasy world, reading her books will help. She is really amazing.

Another one, hmmm....? Maybe the next generation?

CJ England said...


Are you going to the movie immediately? Or waiting until the rush dies down?

CJ England said...


You go girl!!! LOL Do you dress up? Or do you just go and enjoy?

Phylis said...

*raising hand* I am wearing Gryffindor colors, lol and listening to the sound track right now. I have tickets to the 10:15 pm showing on Friday! Bought them just tonight! I started reading these to my children and when we got to the last book, I read a couple of chapters to them and tucked them in and then proceeded to read the book the rest of the night. Finished about 6 am. First and only time I have ever done that! I always kinda thought that it was a good way to end the books just because Harry's whole life once he found out he was a wizard had been full of danger and yes adventure. It was peace for him and shows the world with out Voldermort. My thought anyway.
Waiting for the next installment of The Mylari Chronicles!!

CJ England said...


Good for you. I can't wait to see what you think of it. We thought we'd get it here, but it's only in Hong Kong. We may take the trip over there just to see it. LOL

Louisa Bacio said...

Have tickets for the 12:01 a.m. showing on Thursday "night." Was trying on potential costumes ... first time my daughter, 8, is going to come with ...

CJ England said...


That is so cool. Let us know what you decide to go as. And tell your daughter I hope she enjoys herself!

kittykelly28 said...

I don't dress up but I did get there 2 hours early to make sure I had a good spot in line. I also bought my tickets online for fear they would sell out! lol It was great I loved it and of course I cried but the last one is going to be the real tear jerker!!! I wish she would keep writing. I would love a before Harry POtter type thing to read all about Harry's mom and dad and how they met and all of that good stuff. :)

CJ England said...


I think that's an awesome idea. I'd love to know more about his parents.